5 Things Im Grateful For

Hello! Now I know that thanksgiving is originally an American tradition holiday, but every year on that day I do like to think of the things I’m grateful for, as everyone should! I don’t think people take enough time to stand back and think about how lucky they are in life. These are my top […]

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Long Distance Relationships….

Now everyone knows that long distance relationships are hard work. Before I get into all my rambling I just want to say, yes I haven’t been in a massive long distance relationship, but the feelings are the same. Not being able to pop around and see them everyday, going days or weeks without seeing them. […]

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A Little Weight Update Again…

Weight loss has always been an issue for me, I’m not going to go too much into detail about this just because I’ve spoken about this before on my blog. I keep having a bad attitude towards food. Ive realised today that I’ve eaten so much just because I’m bored. Im currently unemployed again which […]

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World Mental Health Day 2017

Hi guys! This blog is a little less put together and is more of a ramble post. Today is World Mental Health day! Today hopefully a lot of donations and awareness will be made towards mental health and that makes me extremely happy. Ive made a post previously about my depression ( make sure you […]

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Glossybox | September 2017

This months Glossybox is here! I was really excited this month for Glossybox as I haven’t had a bad one yet! This month they didn’t do a special design on the box they just did there basic glossy box box which I haven’t had the chance to see yet, its a really cute box style […]

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Birchbox : September 2017

This months box has the pattern from Oliver Bonas! Im not a massive fan of the pattern I know you had to choose which one you wanted and I chose this one, but I wasn’t a massive fan of either of them to be honest. But its not the box that I use its the […]

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Life Update!

Hi Guys! Ive decided to make this blog post, instead of just jumping straight back into blogging again, I haven’t blogged for a while as you can see. After moving to Bristol I was unemployed for a while, that was half fun and half not fun, as you know if you’ve read a previous blog […]

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Glossybox : July 2017

This Is my first ever Glossybox! Im so excited to share with you my reviews of the products and the overall review of glossy box as a company. The first box is half price with it coming too £8.25 including postage. Normally it costs £13.25 which Is just bit more than birch box. Bellapierre Cosmetics […]

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