Depression. Nobody can ever explain depression unless they’ve gone through It. It’s one difficult thing to explain because you just don’t know how to put what Is going on In your head into words. Depression doesn’t just effect the person who Is going through it, it effects family, friends everyone that the person Is around. They don’t mean for It to hurt or effect anyone else sometimes It just happens. Depression effects your everyday life like just leaving the house becomes a struggle.

I started suffering with Depression when I was just 12 years old. I had only just been diagnosed with It when I was 19. I remember going to the doctor the first time I was struggling with self-harming. He told me that It was a faze and I would grow out of It. 7 years later and I was still struggling going from day to day without harming myself. But according to the doctor I would grow out of It. I understand that at the age of 12 your body’s going through changes and becoming an adult which Is why doctors cant prescribe tablets that would help . I went to the doctors multiple times through my teenage year with my parents concerning my mental health though. There was many times that I was at my point of giving up which Is just lucky that I didn’t because In the end I did get prescribed medication. It just took 7 years and multiple hospital trips later.

When I was suffering with depression I was at the point were I didn’t care about anything else but just getting off this plant. I didn’t want to live anymore and everyday was a struggle. I had an addiction to feeling this sadness and harming myself.

I feel like more help needs to be out there for younger people to make them realise whats actually going on inside. I felt like I was never getting help even when the doctors knew I was suffering so bad.

I’m now 21 and having the best life ever, yeah I may hate my weight and hate the spots that appear on my face but I’m happy with living and grateful of my life. When I don’t take my meds I get down and feel like life sucks again but I have the family and friends around me that I didn’t make the most of before, anyone suffering with depression wont believe that life does get better and its worth it but when you actually get the help you should get you notice and realise what life is about.

I’m now looking forward to my future and actually planning It instead of taking each day as It comes. I wish I could help other people suffering like I did. If anyone out there reading this wants someone to talk to, I’m here.

Life Is worth living.

Lots of Love




Marzia Snow Box Review

This Is my review on Marzia’s Subscription box!

This quarterly box was snow themed! I wish this had come out before Christmas though with It being snow themed. It came with 8 products! I payed £33.27 for the box and that was including postage, that’s what makes it cost so much. They say the box comes with £152.41 worth of products.


These two were the only original pieces that Marzia put into the box. The Snow flake is a bookmark which Is really cute. Its make of metal which makes it long lasting. It also comes In a box so you can give it as a gift if you wished. The moon patch is from marzia’s new collection and I think its really cute. I don’t really have anything to put iron on patches on though so I’m going to have to find something. I think these were really two cute pieces to put into the box.


This is the ‘Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner’ this values for $55. In Marzias YouTube video she showed the full size product where as this is the smaller travel size version so that’s how i think it retails for $55 because that’s how much the larger bottle costs. I like this product, I’m not sure whether it’s worth the price of it though, i suffer with really bad oily skin and this has helped and with my acne but I wouldn’t say it did more than a cheaper banded product.


This is the ‘BIOEFFECT EGF Serum’ and it retails for $50. I looked on the website and they don’t sell a small tester size like this or the bag that it comes in. The larger bottles retail for about $100. Unless this did crazy things for my skin I would not pay that for a product. I like the bag that it come with, I’m guessing that was special for marzias box but I’m not sure on that. I’ve used this product a few times and it does make my skin soft. It worries me because I feel like it will make my skin more oily just because of the texture, but it is a nice product to use just not at $100 value.


This Is the ‘Blinc White Eyeliner Pencil’ and It values for $22. I’m not a big fan of the white eyeliner trend so I wasn’t sure on this product. I have used It and would possibly use it again. I find it does make my eyes look brighter which Is good because my eyes always look small and tired. I like the little case it comes in as well, I’m not sure whether your supposed to keep it or throw it out as its packaging but I’ve kept it as its a cute little case. I will be using this product again when I feel the need too.

This Is the ‘Kokie Cosmetics Sheer Lipstick In Cafe Au Lait’ It retails for $6.I don’t use lipsticks very much as I don’t think they suit me very well. I don’t know whether It’s my skin colour or just that I don’t like them. The way this lipstick applies Is so smooth. It’s almost too smooth to apply because when I applied It I didn’t expect It to be so smooth so made a mess. The colour Is very nice and could be used In the winter or the summer. I would also look into other colour of lipsticks as I feel it wouldn’t be too drying through out the day. I haven’t worn it for a whole day just because I don’t like the way that I look with lipstick so it hasn’t really done a whole day test but I feel this is genuinely a nice product to use.


This Is the ‘ Frank Body Body Scrub’ It retails for $7. I really love this product. The smell from It so so strong! The smell Is like coffee because Its the cocao one, I literally walked out of the shower smelling like a cup of coffee, which is obviously amazing if your a coffee drinker.  This was definitely my favourite product from the box just because of the smell. My skin was left feeling so soft as well so overall I think this was a lovely product and I would definitely purchase more of the Frank Body products!


This is the ‘Ice water eyes by ToGoSpa’ and It retails for $35. I looked on the site and it came up that they were only $12 and they only sell it in this small pack so I’m not sure if it was a typo or something but on the slip they come with it was the wrong price. I tried these after putting them in the fridge which you don’t have to but its a suggestion on the packet. They were really refreshing on my eyes, I don’t ever get much sleep just because I just wake up quite a lot. It has made my eyes feel so fresh and like I’ve just had about 20 hours sleep. There a little annoying on the eyes just by the way they position but they do stick without falling off. You can take them on the go even if you don’t put them in a fridge you can use them which is great if your on a plane or just travelling! I feel like they should do them in a bigger back but maybe there just a luxury item that your not supposed to use too much. I really enjoyed this product and after looking into it further they do different ones for the body as well so I cant wait to try those out! I would definitely purchase this on its own.


Overall I think this was a really good box for products. My only bad feeling about this box Is that I found In the beginning It was more products that Marzia had input into like with the first few box she would have products like the perfume with her logo on and like the umbrella with the logo on. I feel like you don’t get that anymore with the boxes and its more just products and brand deals, which isn’t why I got the box in the first place. I got it because I liked Marzias input on little things.  I do really love Marzias boxes I just wish she would do more unique stuff that you cant just buy from a shop. I think the VIM boxes get more of the unique stuff but then It’s still just a lot of products. This was one of the best boxes for expensive products though which is always a good thing. Hopefully the next box will offer more unique things from Marzia.



Disneyland 2016

Hello! Welcome to my blog post about my disney land experience! I went to DisneyLand in september 2016 with my lovely sister for a whole week. We also vlogged each day while we were there so make sure to check them out on my Youtube channel!

Youtube Channel :

The first day we spend travelling for most of it which was so tiring. Our plane wasn’t until 4pm so we weren’t able to go into Disney land on our first day. We stayed at the Hotel Cheyenne which was an awesome hotel because it was set out in the theme of a wild west. Our room was woody themed which I think they all are. They’ve all also just been renovated at the time so they were all fresh and new.

The second day was our first day in Disneyland which was amazing. As soon as we got into the park we got into a line for a meet and great with donald duck which my sister was absolutely wetting herself over. It was the first time katherine ( my sister ) had been to Disneyland so as a massive Disney fan that she is she was absolutely loving it which was adorable to see.  For most of the first day it was just exploring the park and planning our week and how to get the most of it. We did most of Fantasy Land of the first day as thats the most exciting part. We also went to the princess pavilion and met auoroa which was the longest waiting experience of my life. We stayed until the night to see Dreams and it was amazing. They really go all out for dreams and its worth the wait. It was one of the best yet tiring days ever!

The third day we went for a character breakfast which is so worth the money. The breakfast its self isn’t anything extra special but for the amount of characters you meet and the one on one time you get with the characters its so worth it! It also saves a lot of time because it means you dont’t have to wait in meet and greets all day unless its a different character. We spent the rest of the day in universal studios which was awesome. The best ride of all time is Hotel Tower of Terror. Literally the best experience of a ride. Its a very very long wait but its worth it in the end. The time that the staff put into making there characters the way they are is great and really adds to the experience of the ride in general.

The fourth day we spend doing the rest of disney land parts as it was more of the smaller lands to do. We did lots of meet and greets this day as well because after we got out of one meet and greet another one would just be starting so we would get quite close to the front. The other lands are much better at meet and greets because there mostly all together.

The last day we spend just doing odd things that we loved to do again or any last minute meet and greats we wanted to get in . We had an afternoon flight so we had a bonus day in Disneyland.

Overall I love Disneyland. I cant wait to be able to go back with kids and then grand kids just because I feel the experience would be different depending on who you go with. As we went just me and Katherine we were able to stand in lines without having to worry about kids moaning ( even though i would get my moan in quite a lot ) but that is the only issue with Disney land as theirs so many people theirs a lot of ques you need to wait in, but it is all worth it in the end. The rides are very large people friendly which is great as I could experience more than I expected with my sister. A lot of rides in Universal studios aren’t really larger friendly but that is because there more adult themed rides so I’m not sure. Overall the experience of Disneyland was great and I cant wait to go back!

Also make sure to check out my Vlogs on my Youtube Channel!

Lots of Love





Christmas Lush Products

Christmas Lush Products come around ones a year and  as I’m sure all lush enthusiasts love this time of year!

From Bubble bars to Bath bombs theirs something that everyone would love!

I’m going to be reviewing my experience with Christmas and lush and the bath bombs and bubble bars I got my hands on.

First off, I ordered from offline. This experience wasn’t too great as when they all arrived they were broke. That didn’t make me too happy as we all know the prices of lush products. When I come to see if i could return it, it turns out you have to pay to send them back. Which I didn’t really want too as I didn’t want to spend out money on replacing something that could come back exactly the same. I know that the way they do there packaging is to save on packaging which I think is a great thing about lush but then when products come damaged It’s a bit of a turn away. This is the only slight negative experience I’ve ever had from lush though.

Now to the reviewing!

The Red Slippers Bubble Bar is one of my favourites! Its a really nice Christmas ruby red. It makes the bath so glittery it’s one of the best I find as it feels magical. There was a generous amount of bubbles as well! I would definitely re purchase this one next year.

The Father Christmas Bath Bomb is a nice one but I find that its main feature is when you see it first. The detail is so good and i find its the one that would obviously look the best for Christmas time. I was more expecting the water to go red but it did go green which was a nice surprise, it didn’t have any sparkles in it though which would of been a nice touch.

The Luxury Lush Pud Is a very nice bath bomb. Pink wouldn’t of been what I would of chose for a Christmas bath bomb though, Just because after the ‘pudding’ is gone its not a very good Christmas colour, but its very glittery which makes up for it. The design was very nice though and when it was dissolving in the water it was so pretty!

The Christmas Penguin was ok . It was a very nice blue colour which was great for the penguin theme of it. The little penguin was very cute as well but it was sad when you had to crumble him! There wasn’t too many bubbles though which was a disappointment but it made me skin very soft and the smell was great!

I love Lush all year around but when special times come out there even better! There some of the best unique products as there all handmade! There care for animals and the environment is one of the main reasons why I support and buy there products!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review and maybe encourage you to try them out next Christmas time or just lush in general!

Lots of Love





I feel  like theirs different types of love. The love that you feel for a partner is different compared to the love you feel for family or friends.

Many times I’ve thought I had find the one for me. I was wrong all of those times. When you do find the one you know why it didn’t work out with anyone else. It’s feeling on cloud nine when you see there face, It’s wanting to do anything you possibly can for that one special person. It’s choosing to spend your one time on earth here with that one person. Sometimes people can fall out of love with each other and I feel that, that’s because some people were just meant to be friends.

Friends Is like a partner, you choose to spend that time with them and not anyone else. A good friendship Is when you can spend so much time apart and still feel the same when you see each other again, because life can get in the way sometimes which means that your family and partner come first but as long as you can come back together In the end that’s true friendship.

Family Is completely different. You still love them unconditionally and would do anything for them but your born from your family so you didn’t choose them. You still chose to stay with them after you grow up though. No matter what happens in life you always know that you have a family to come back too. It might fail with friends or a partner but when it comes to family. you know they would always be there because you share the same blood. the same love for each other.

Nobody will ever know officially what love is, its impossible to know what the same love Is for different people. By the books your supposed to buy flowers and gifts but just because someone doesn’t do that for someone doesn’t mean they love any less.

Love Is Love



Snow Has Arrived

The Snow has arrived!

Briefly as its now all mostly gone.

I’m not going to lie …. I hate snow! Its not my friend as I travel around ALOT which means that it makes it dangerous and stresses me out when it comes to going out in it. I have to admit I love it when I don’t have to leave because then its not a problem and it looks so beautiful. These pictures were taken outside the manor house I’m currently staying in and its the best views to have let alone when theirs snow!

Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed what was there of the snow and didn’t get too cold!

Lots of Love