Depression. Nobody can ever explain depression unless they’ve gone through It. It’s one difficult thing to explain because you just don’t know how to put what Is going on In your head into words. Depression doesn’t just effect the person who Is going through it, it effects family, friends everyone that the person Is around. […]

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Marzia Snow Box Review

This Is my review on Marzia’s Subscription box! This quarterly box was snow themed! I wish this had come out before Christmas though with It being snow themed. It came with 8 products! I payed £33.27 for the box and that was including postage, that’s what makes it cost so much. They say the box comes […]

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Disneyland 2016

Hello! Welcome to my blog post about my disney land experience! I went to DisneyLand in september 2016 with my lovely sister for a whole week. We also vlogged each day while we were there so make sure to check them out on my Youtube channel! Youtube Channel : The first day we spend travelling […]

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Christmas Lush Products

Christmas Lush Products come around ones a year and  as I’m sure all lush enthusiasts love this time of year! From Bubble bars to Bath bombs theirs something that everyone would love! I’m going to be reviewing my experience with Christmas and lush and the bath bombs and bubble bars I got my hands on. […]

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Love. I feel  like theirs different types of love. The love that you feel for a partner is different compared to the love you feel for family or friends. Many times I’ve thought I had find the one for me. I was wrong all of those times. When you do find the one you know […]

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Snow Has Arrived

The Snow has arrived! Briefly as its now all mostly gone. I’m not going to lie …. I hate snow! Its not my friend as I travel around ALOT which means that it makes it dangerous and stresses me out when it comes to going out in it. I have to admit I love it […]

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