I feel  like theirs different types of love. The love that you feel for a partner is different compared to the love you feel for family or friends.

Many times I’ve thought I had find the one for me. I was wrong all of those times. When you do find the one you know why it didn’t work out with anyone else. It’s feeling on cloud nine when you see there face, It’s wanting to do anything you possibly can for that one special person. It’s choosing to spend your one time on earth here with that one person. Sometimes people can fall out of love with each other and I feel that, that’s because some people were just meant to be friends.

Friends Is like a partner, you choose to spend that time with them and not anyone else. A good friendship Is when you can spend so much time apart and still feel the same when you see each other again, because life can get in the way sometimes which means that your family and partner come first but as long as you can come back together In the end that’s true friendship.

Family Is completely different. You still love them unconditionally and would do anything for them but your born from your family so you didn’t choose them. You still chose to stay with them after you grow up though. No matter what happens in life you always know that you have a family to come back too. It might fail with friends or a partner but when it comes to family. you know they would always be there because you share the same blood. the same love for each other.

Nobody will ever know officially what love is, its impossible to know what the same love Is for different people. By the books your supposed to buy flowers and gifts but just because someone doesn’t do that for someone doesn’t mean they love any less.

Love Is Love




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