Christmas Lush Products

Christmas Lush Products come around ones a year and  as I’m sure all lush enthusiasts love this time of year!

From Bubble bars to Bath bombs theirs something that everyone would love!

I’m going to be reviewing my experience with Christmas and lush and the bath bombs and bubble bars I got my hands on.

First off, I ordered from offline. This experience wasn’t too great as when they all arrived they were broke. That didn’t make me too happy as we all know the prices of lush products. When I come to see if i could return it, it turns out you have to pay to send them back. Which I didn’t really want too as I didn’t want to spend out money on replacing something that could come back exactly the same. I know that the way they do there packaging is to save on packaging which I think is a great thing about lush but then when products come damaged It’s a bit of a turn away. This is the only slight negative experience I’ve ever had from lush though.

Now to the reviewing!

The Red Slippers Bubble Bar is one of my favourites! Its a really nice Christmas ruby red. It makes the bath so glittery it’s one of the best I find as it feels magical. There was a generous amount of bubbles as well! I would definitely re purchase this one next year.

The Father Christmas Bath Bomb is a nice one but I find that its main feature is when you see it first. The detail is so good and i find its the one that would obviously look the best for Christmas time. I was more expecting the water to go red but it did go green which was a nice surprise, it didn’t have any sparkles in it though which would of been a nice touch.

The Luxury Lush Pud Is a very nice bath bomb. Pink wouldn’t of been what I would of chose for a Christmas bath bomb though, Just because after the ‘pudding’ is gone its not a very good Christmas colour, but its very glittery which makes up for it. The design was very nice though and when it was dissolving in the water it was so pretty!

The Christmas Penguin was ok . It was a very nice blue colour which was great for the penguin theme of it. The little penguin was very cute as well but it was sad when you had to crumble him! There wasn’t too many bubbles though which was a disappointment but it made me skin very soft and the smell was great!

I love Lush all year around but when special times come out there even better! There some of the best unique products as there all handmade! There care for animals and the environment is one of the main reasons why I support and buy there products!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review and maybe encourage you to try them out next Christmas time or just lush in general!

Lots of Love




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