Disneyland 2016

Hello! Welcome to my blog post about my disney land experience! I went to DisneyLand in september 2016 with my lovely sister for a whole week. We also vlogged each day while we were there so make sure to check them out on my Youtube channel!

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCreXOa0rYHPKALlvN67ytkw

The first day we spend travelling for most of it which was so tiring. Our plane wasn’t until 4pm so we weren’t able to go into Disney land on our first day. We stayed at the Hotel Cheyenne which was an awesome hotel because it was set out in the theme of a wild west. Our room was woody themed which I think they all are. They’ve all also just been renovated at the time so they were all fresh and new.

The second day was our first day in Disneyland which was amazing. As soon as we got into the park we got into a line for a meet and great with donald duck which my sister was absolutely wetting herself over. It was the first time katherine ( my sister ) had been to Disneyland so as a massive Disney fan that she is she was absolutely loving it which was adorable to see.  For most of the first day it was just exploring the park and planning our week and how to get the most of it. We did most of Fantasy Land of the first day as thats the most exciting part. We also went to the princess pavilion and met auoroa which was the longest waiting experience of my life. We stayed until the night to see Dreams and it was amazing. They really go all out for dreams and its worth the wait. It was one of the best yet tiring days ever!

The third day we went for a character breakfast which is so worth the money. The breakfast its self isn’t anything extra special but for the amount of characters you meet and the one on one time you get with the characters its so worth it! It also saves a lot of time because it means you dont’t have to wait in meet and greets all day unless its a different character. We spent the rest of the day in universal studios which was awesome. The best ride of all time is Hotel Tower of Terror. Literally the best experience of a ride. Its a very very long wait but its worth it in the end. The time that the staff put into making there characters the way they are is great and really adds to the experience of the ride in general.

The fourth day we spend doing the rest of disney land parts as it was more of the smaller lands to do. We did lots of meet and greets this day as well because after we got out of one meet and greet another one would just be starting so we would get quite close to the front. The other lands are much better at meet and greets because there mostly all together.

The last day we spend just doing odd things that we loved to do again or any last minute meet and greats we wanted to get in . We had an afternoon flight so we had a bonus day in Disneyland.

Overall I love Disneyland. I cant wait to be able to go back with kids and then grand kids just because I feel the experience would be different depending on who you go with. As we went just me and Katherine we were able to stand in lines without having to worry about kids moaning ( even though i would get my moan in quite a lot ) but that is the only issue with Disney land as theirs so many people theirs a lot of ques you need to wait in, but it is all worth it in the end. The rides are very large people friendly which is great as I could experience more than I expected with my sister. A lot of rides in Universal studios aren’t really larger friendly but that is because there more adult themed rides so I’m not sure. Overall the experience of Disneyland was great and I cant wait to go back!

Also make sure to check out my Vlogs on my Youtube Channel!

Lots of Love






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