Marzia Snow Box Review

This Is my review on Marzia’s Subscription box!

This quarterly box was snow themed! I wish this had come out before Christmas though with It being snow themed. It came with 8 products! I payed £33.27 for the box and that was including postage, that’s what makes it cost so much. They say the box comes with £152.41 worth of products.


These two were the only original pieces that Marzia put into the box. The Snow flake is a bookmark which Is really cute. Its make of metal which makes it long lasting. It also comes In a box so you can give it as a gift if you wished. The moon patch is from marzia’s new collection and I think its really cute. I don’t really have anything to put iron on patches on though so I’m going to have to find something. I think these were really two cute pieces to put into the box.


This is the ‘Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner’ this values for $55. In Marzias YouTube video she showed the full size product where as this is the smaller travel size version so that’s how i think it retails for $55 because that’s how much the larger bottle costs. I like this product, I’m not sure whether it’s worth the price of it though, i suffer with really bad oily skin and this has helped and with my acne but I wouldn’t say it did more than a cheaper banded product.


This is the ‘BIOEFFECT EGF Serum’ and it retails for $50. I looked on the website and they don’t sell a small tester size like this or the bag that it comes in. The larger bottles retail for about $100. Unless this did crazy things for my skin I would not pay that for a product. I like the bag that it come with, I’m guessing that was special for marzias box but I’m not sure on that. I’ve used this product a few times and it does make my skin soft. It worries me because I feel like it will make my skin more oily just because of the texture, but it is a nice product to use just not at $100 value.


This Is the ‘Blinc White Eyeliner Pencil’ and It values for $22. I’m not a big fan of the white eyeliner trend so I wasn’t sure on this product. I have used It and would possibly use it again. I find it does make my eyes look brighter which Is good because my eyes always look small and tired. I like the little case it comes in as well, I’m not sure whether your supposed to keep it or throw it out as its packaging but I’ve kept it as its a cute little case. I will be using this product again when I feel the need too.

This Is the ‘Kokie Cosmetics Sheer Lipstick In Cafe Au Lait’ It retails for $6.I don’t use lipsticks very much as I don’t think they suit me very well. I don’t know whether It’s my skin colour or just that I don’t like them. The way this lipstick applies Is so smooth. It’s almost too smooth to apply because when I applied It I didn’t expect It to be so smooth so made a mess. The colour Is very nice and could be used In the winter or the summer. I would also look into other colour of lipsticks as I feel it wouldn’t be too drying through out the day. I haven’t worn it for a whole day just because I don’t like the way that I look with lipstick so it hasn’t really done a whole day test but I feel this is genuinely a nice product to use.


This Is the ‘ Frank Body Body Scrub’ It retails for $7. I really love this product. The smell from It so so strong! The smell Is like coffee because Its the cocao one, I literally walked out of the shower smelling like a cup of coffee, which is obviously amazing if your a coffee drinker.  This was definitely my favourite product from the box just because of the smell. My skin was left feeling so soft as well so overall I think this was a lovely product and I would definitely purchase more of the Frank Body products!


This is the ‘Ice water eyes by ToGoSpa’ and It retails for $35. I looked on the site and it came up that they were only $12 and they only sell it in this small pack so I’m not sure if it was a typo or something but on the slip they come with it was the wrong price. I tried these after putting them in the fridge which you don’t have to but its a suggestion on the packet. They were really refreshing on my eyes, I don’t ever get much sleep just because I just wake up quite a lot. It has made my eyes feel so fresh and like I’ve just had about 20 hours sleep. There a little annoying on the eyes just by the way they position but they do stick without falling off. You can take them on the go even if you don’t put them in a fridge you can use them which is great if your on a plane or just travelling! I feel like they should do them in a bigger back but maybe there just a luxury item that your not supposed to use too much. I really enjoyed this product and after looking into it further they do different ones for the body as well so I cant wait to try those out! I would definitely purchase this on its own.


Overall I think this was a really good box for products. My only bad feeling about this box Is that I found In the beginning It was more products that Marzia had input into like with the first few box she would have products like the perfume with her logo on and like the umbrella with the logo on. I feel like you don’t get that anymore with the boxes and its more just products and brand deals, which isn’t why I got the box in the first place. I got it because I liked Marzias input on little things.  I do really love Marzias boxes I just wish she would do more unique stuff that you cant just buy from a shop. I think the VIM boxes get more of the unique stuff but then It’s still just a lot of products. This was one of the best boxes for expensive products though which is always a good thing. Hopefully the next box will offer more unique things from Marzia.




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