Depression. Nobody can ever explain depression unless they’ve gone through It. It’s one difficult thing to explain because you just don’t know how to put what Is going on In your head into words. Depression doesn’t just effect the person who Is going through it, it effects family, friends everyone that the person Is around. They don’t mean for It to hurt or effect anyone else sometimes It just happens. Depression effects your everyday life like just leaving the house becomes a struggle.

I started suffering with Depression when I was just 12 years old. I had only just been diagnosed with It when I was 19. I remember going to the doctor the first time I was struggling with self-harming. He told me that It was a faze and I would grow out of It. 7 years later and I was still struggling going from day to day without harming myself. But according to the doctor I would grow out of It. I understand that at the age of 12 your body’s going through changes and becoming an adult which Is why doctors cant prescribe tablets that would help . I went to the doctors multiple times through my teenage year with my parents concerning my mental health though. There was many times that I was at my point of giving up which Is just lucky that I didn’t because In the end I did get prescribed medication. It just took 7 years and multiple hospital trips later.

When I was suffering with depression I was at the point were I didn’t care about anything else but just getting off this plant. I didn’t want to live anymore and everyday was a struggle. I had an addiction to feeling this sadness and harming myself.

I feel like more help needs to be out there for younger people to make them realise whats actually going on inside. I felt like I was never getting help even when the doctors knew I was suffering so bad.

I’m now 21 and having the best life ever, yeah I may hate my weight and hate the spots that appear on my face but I’m happy with living and grateful of my life. When I don’t take my meds I get down and feel like life sucks again but I have the family and friends around me that I didn’t make the most of before, anyone suffering with depression wont believe that life does get better and its worth it but when you actually get the help you should get you notice and realise what life is about.

I’m now looking forward to my future and actually planning It instead of taking each day as It comes. I wish I could help other people suffering like I did. If anyone out there reading this wants someone to talk to, I’m here.

Life Is worth living.

Lots of Love




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