Busted at the O2 Acadamy!

Hey There!

It’s been a while since I updated on the vlog because I’ve been so busy but I’m back and I’m going to be a lot more productive I promise!

Yesterday I travelled all the way to Bristol but this time to see busted! They were at the O2 academy which I feel is such a good place for a close feeling concert. I went with Katherine and Becky which was great and so much fun! The support act was Natives and they were so good! We weren’t really expecting much because we looked them up before going in and they just seemed very indie which isn’t really our type of music, but when they started playing it was great! I’m actually going to order some of there music! When busted finally come out Beckys reaction was so great to see! It was the first time she had seen them since they broke up and broke many heart those billions of years ago. So when she finally realised that It was them she was so excited!

The fans that come to a Busted concert you can tell that they were their since the beginning because of the way people react to the old music that they play. It just shows that no matter how old you are and how long its been the love of music you had for a child would never change.

Busted Is such an amazing band to play live, just because you can tell that the money you paid is put into the show. There so proud of there fans and they really make it clear that they care that everyone still goes to the concerts this many years later. There so good at performing and you can just tell that they are experienced in what they do.

O2 academy wasn’t too great as an event holder though as we went later because we were told there was O2 priority so we had the code ready and everything but when we got there it turned out that there not doing it for this specific concert. We were quite annoyed as you expect it as its the O2 academy so why would anything change.  It just didn’t seem too organised when it came to queuing and all that.

Other wise It was such an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend going to a Busted concert, Its one of the best experiences you will ever have If your a Busted fan or not Its a good concert to just let go and have fun!

I also Vlogged the whole day so If you want to check that out head over to my Youtube channel which is linked at the top of the page!

Lots of Love




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