Birchbox Subscription Box February 2017

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box service that provides you with 5 different sample products! It retails for £12.50 to the UK. There’s also a full site online that you can buy the full size products. You have to fill out a questionnaire which sets you to which products they will send you depending on what you like and use, for example if you suffer with oily skin they wont send you anything that you wouldn’t be able to use! Which is great because then all 5 products is something you would actually use.

This Is Birchbox’s February edition!


For Subscribing In February I got a free ‘ Smith & Cult , The shining Lip Lacquer ‘ which Is a very expensive free product as I looked It up and Its $24! It’s a lip gloss which I’m personally not a fan off, sometimes I can use them but this one seems very sticky so I don’t think I will be using this a lot but the colour Is so nice so I will be looking for this colour but in a matt lipstick instead.


This Is the ‘Spectrum Marbleous c06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush’ which retails for £5.99. Its a really nice brush, its not too soft but its soft enough so its really great on your eyes. I like the nice simple white handle as well with the slight rose gold top. The brush is very good for putting eye shadow on the bottom of your lash line as well which i always struggled to get that thin line on the bottom from using the wrong brushes. Its very good for shading with different colours as well by the different angles of the brush. I’m definitely looking into buying the other brushes in the collection.

This is the ‘Pop Beauty eye shadow trio’ and it retails for £15.50 for the larger pallet that includes this colour .The colours are so nice all together! I’m not sure whether it was the brush i was using but it seemed as though you had to swatch it a few times before it came off on the brush but that’s the only negative about it. Its quite long lasting without a eye primer and they blend so well together. Its really small and compact so its easy to fit in depending on if your travelling or just a small piece in your makeup collection. Its good to use for everyday or on a night out. I would be interested to see more of there three piece or larger sets.


This is the ‘ Daily moisture Conditioning Spray ‘ and it retails for £11.50 for a larger bottle as they send a sample size .  Its to help with frizz and knots in hair. Its such a nice smell product and that would be the only reason i would use it. It did help with knots and frizz but i found that my hair went very stiff like and it seemed greasy. By the end of the day my hair felt so knotty and horrible i wanted to wash it again. The smell of this product is the best thing but then it doesn’t stay after you dry your hair so it doesn’t last long. I also find that my curls didn’t stay in my hair as long because of how knotty my hair turned out. I wouldn’t buy this product on its own because to my hair it doesn’t suit.


This is the ‘ Huile Podigieuse oil’ and it retails for £17.00 for 50ml which this one is smaller but its also a sample size.  I’ve only used this on my hair as my face has a very oily completion and my body skin is quite sensitive but i always use oil on my hair. I found this was very nice and the smell of the product is so nice! I could sit here and smell the bottle all day. It helps to smooth out frizz a lot. But like the moisturising spray the smell doesn’t stay for long which is just annoying because its such a nice smell. The dispensing of the product isn’t too great just because it doesn’t have a pump which is always easier when it comes to oil. I would recommend using this product if you suffer with crazy frizzy hair like me and it has a multi use product with being able to use it on your hair,body and face!


This is the ‘ Keeome Hydration Therapy Mask ‘ and it retails for £29.00 for a pack of size, but this is just a sample size. I found that this face mask was really refreshing. I’m not a fan of sheet masks as I feel there stronger on my sensitive skin but this one was quite gentle. I think there very expensive for what they are as i feel like there the same as any other mask, even though these are more gentle on my skin. I also didn’t get much sleep this week so I feel like it really helped with giving my skin more energy! I’m not sure whether I would buy them separately maybe to have as a treat every now and then but they are over my price range to use weekly. Overall I think there a very nice product and would also be a nice treat present for someone.

Overall I really love Birchbox! This was my first Birchbox as I wanted another subscription box to review for this blog and I really wish I had ordered it before! Its really nice sized products to just try different things so if you don’t like a product you don’t have a full product bottle to use up. The Birchbox site is so easy to use as any of the products that are in the box are on the website to buy. The way the Box is presented is so nice as well, the trouble is, is that as a hoarder of nice looking things I dont want to get rid of the box!

Much Love




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