Weight Wednesday Week 1

Hey There!

Welcome to my first week of weight Wednesday!

My aim for these blogs are to encourage me to loose weight and exercise! I’m hoping that i can encourage people to make this change in there life as well as in my previous weight post I was brutally honest about the effects it has on your life. I’m going to update weekly with reviews of healthy food and exercise programmes!

This first week hasn’t been too difficult, Iv’e been told I have to be on lactose free at the moment due to issues with my tummy, not going into too much detail about that for obvious reasons! So Iv’e been off chocolate due to that reason which is making it more easy to resist eating chocolate. I’ve also been stopped from having most cakes which helps but its still very difficult to resist sometimes!

I haven’t been exercising the past week as Iv’e been preparing for my mums surprise birthday meal which has taken up a lot of time but ill hopefully be able to start next week!

I have currently lost two pounds this week just from cutting out chocolate! My aim for next week is to be more strict on fizzy drinks as I’ve added those back into my diet. I always find that cutting out fizzy drinks can get me to loose quite a few pounds a week just by cutting them out!

I am feeling a little better about myself at the moment. I’m not over bloated and feeling like a bowling ball so hopefully by each week i can feel even better!

Make sure you check back next week for my next weight Wednesday!

Lots of love





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