Weight Wednesday Week 4

Ok! I thought I had a terrible couple of weeks but it turns out I haven’t! I had given up on eating healthy for a couple of weeks which was really annoying and I was so disappointed in myself again! Turns out Im at 24 stone 4 pounds so it wasn’t all that bad. I […]

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Life Update!

Ok so basically over the past week my life has been absolutely crazy! Its gone from leaving a job to starting a new one to moving to everything hectic! Basically I’ve been doing this job as a side job for a few months just to earn an extra bit of money while the coop cut […]

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Lush Products Review

Iv had been given the ‘Ray of Sunshine’ gift box for Christmas and Iv’e finally gotten round to testing them out so here is my review of the products from that box! Sugar Scrub This is the sugar scrub and it retails for £2.95  and It’s a scrub that has 14 ingredients that are natural […]

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Weight Wednesday Week 3

This week…. This week has been the most annoying week ever! It started off with me having a baby tooth removed (a tooth that was always having to be removed, not because it was rotting) which meant that I had a whole day on soft which meant I could barely eat which was such a […]

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Meditation Monday : Demi Lovato Staying Strong Book and Journal Companion.

This is a new blog post I’m starting on my blog which is Meditation Mondays! Im going to review positive and relaxing things like apps and books to see whats best for keeping me calm and relaxed! Demi Lovato’s Staying Strong and Journal Companion  This week for Meditation Monday I’m reviewing Demi Lovato’s Staying strong […]

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Weight Wednesday Week 2

Hello There! This is week 2 of Weight Wednesday and it has been a difficult one! This week i have really struggled as its been my mums birthday so that involved a lot of cake! I also had a craving for McDonalds which really didn’t help! But somehow I still managed to loose 1 pound! Lord […]

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