Meditation Monday : Demi Lovato Staying Strong Book and Journal Companion.

This is a new blog post I’m starting on my blog which is Meditation Mondays! Im going to review positive and relaxing things like apps and books to see whats best for keeping me calm and relaxed!

Demi Lovato’s Staying Strong and Journal Companion 


This week for Meditation Monday I’m reviewing Demi Lovato’s Staying strong book and companion journal.

This book is one of my all time favourite books to help me keep calm. In the main book its all about daily quotes and passages to help you keep calm through out the day. Each day it gives you a goal to do for that day which I love because it gives you something to focus on in the day and takes your mind away from your troubles. This book came out just as I was trying to get over depression for the 4th time ( and I literally mean the 4th time ) and it really helped me throughout the day. It gives you quotes and writings for the whole year so even when you finish it you can always start again the next year so its a never ending book really!

When it comes to the journal, I tried writing about my feelings as thats one of the things that was suggested to me through my doctors and my sister who had previously been suffering with anxiety so having the journal companion along side it is really good. It is basically just a book with lines in but throughout the book it gives you little quotes and things to make you think and make you feel better. Even if you can’t afford this Demi Lovato journal you can always just buy a normal journal and write like that! Just writing a journal can help you so much no matter what it is your struggling with.

This is one of my fave books to read of all time and I really suggest if you struggle with depression, anxiety or just looking to be more calm in life anything like that I feel like you would enjoy this book!

Even if you not a Demi  Lovato fan I feel like you would still enjoy this book. At first I was disappointed when it came out that this was the style book she was going to come out with but I’m really glad she made the book like this and not just about herself.

Hopefully you will maybe check this book out and it can help you as much as its helped me!

Much Love





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