Weight Wednesday Week 3

This week…. This week has been the most annoying week ever! It started off with me having a baby tooth removed (a tooth that was always having to be removed, not because it was rotting) which meant that I had a whole day on soft which meant I could barely eat which was such a awful day! It happened to be the day that I was craving cookies which just isn’t good! I have had not too bad of a week for eating! I still haven’t had any chocolate which is what my sign is when I give up so thats a good sign. On Monday I went walking again with my partner which was really nice because I haven’t walked in a few weeks so it was really great! Seen as though I’m climbing a mountain in April I need to get exercising a lot more than what I am if not I’m never going to do it!

Im going to be more honest with my weight this week just so people can see how far I’ve come instead of just my pounds. At the start of this year I was 25 stone 3 pounds. Thats the heaviest I’ve ever been which made me feel awful! I started these weight Wednesdays when I was 24 stone 9 pounds and I am now currently 24 stone 4 pounds so even though this week was a little difficult its still fine! At the beginning of the week I did drop down to 24 stone 2 pounds but then the cookies got the better of me I also had a sneak takeaway but I don’t want to end up getting too stuck on loosing weight to then not enjoy myself every now and then so I’m still happy even though I haven’t really lost anything this week.

Hopefully next week I can get below that 24 stone mark! That is my goal for next week!

Much Love





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