Lush Products Review

Iv had been given the ‘Ray of Sunshine’ gift box for Christmas and Iv’e finally gotten round to testing them out so here is my review of the products from that box!

Sugar Scrub

This is the sugar scrub and it retails for £2.95  and It’s a scrub that has 14 ingredients that are natural and synthetic. This is a really nice product, for me I don’t feel like it goes very far but that might of been the way that I used it and left it in the bathroom which meant that it didn’t have any time to dry out until the next time. Its very easy and convenient to travel with as well which is great because some of the other lush scrubs can be in quite big packaging. I did find that it was quite hard on my sensitive skin but it didn’t leave any lasting effects it was just very rough on my sensitive skin but that was the only negative! Its also a very nice smell! I will be purchasing this again!


 Each Peach (and twos a pair)

This is the each peach and twos a pair massage bar and it retails for £5.95. I really like this product! Its really small and compact which is great for travel. Its really smooth and feels great when used and after you get out the shower it feels so great! I didn’t feel the need to moisturise which saves some time. There’s not a very strong smell to it which is sometimes nice as its not too over powering when you want a little pampering. Its a very nice small product!


The Olive Branch

This is olive branch and it retails for  £4.95 for 100g. This is one of my favourite products from the box. It smells AMAZING! It’s a very strong smell which might put people off but i really like it. Its quite runny which isn’t a problem when you use a sponge which you kind of have to do with this product just because you cant soap it up very well with just your hands as it can just run off. Its a product that you don’t have to use much of which makes it last longer which is great with a lush product when it comes to the price. The smell lasts really long on the skin as well which is great because I really like the smell I wish they made it in a spray!



This is the Sandstone soap and it retails for £3.50. I really like this product. The smell is really nice and strong which i like with a product. I used this on my face which really didn’t agree with it and really dried out my face but other than that Its a really good product. It could also be used as a very light exfoliate at first but then it smooths out so the exfoliate doesn’t last too long but seen as though its not meant for that its a good bonus. You do also get a lot for your moneys worth as well! You could also use it as just a hand soap but i really enjoy using it as a body soap.

Overall I really loved this gift box that I was given! My favourite product was the olive branch just for the smell! I think the products weren’t too expensive to buy on there own which is great as I’m on a budget at the moment! I really love lush products and hopefully be able to get some more to review for you!

Lots of Love




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