Life Update!

Ok so basically over the past week my life has been absolutely crazy! Its gone from leaving a job to starting a new one to moving to everything hectic!

Basically I’ve been doing this job as a side job for a few months just to earn an extra bit of money while the coop cut my hours back. Ive been then offered this new job role which was crazy and unexpected and also offering me 20 hours with 20 hours over time which was the most I’ve ever been offered for a job! The coop have just recently put me on weekends which meant that it was very difficult for me to see my partner so that has recently been a lot of stress. Thing is before I got this job offer its been in the works about me moving to Bristol and moving in with my partner and his family. So being offered this job was difficult to make the decision of to go for it or not and then theres the thing with the coop. Taking this job would literally mean that I didn’t have a day off all 7 days of the week which would be crazy. I decided to leave the coop and take this other job. While also going through the process of moving out of home for the first time and moving away from my family. Basically my life these past couple of weeks have been so crazy and a lot of difficult decisions to make. Last week I worked a 6 day week and it nearly killed me it came to the end of the week and I was in tears because I was so overwhelmed by everything thats been going on. Im still really overwhelmed to be honest. Ive gone from just being a lazy adult living at home to all these things changing in my life and it is actually scary. But its a good kind of scary.

My point to this blog post was to update you on everything thats going on so it can explain for why I might be late with blog posts this next month but I will try my hardest to work on this as I love to blog! I like being able to write about things that I’m interested about and finding new things to do with my spare time. The other reason for making this blog post was to let people know that when your going through a lot of life changes its a good thing! It makes life so much more fun and interesting. I have cried about having to make these decisions just because I’m used to someone telling me what to do but at the end of the day I need to make my own mistakes. Which is what I might do with quoting the coop but then it might be one of the best choices Iv’e made and ill tell you at the moment its one of the best ones I’ve made! I can’t wait to move to Bristol and finally start moving towards my future. Being an adult is scary, really scary but in the end everything always works out it just takes a lot of time to work for the things that you love.

Much love




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