Weight Wednesday Week 4

Ok! I thought I had a terrible couple of weeks but it turns out I haven’t!

I had given up on eating healthy for a couple of weeks which was really annoying and I was so disappointed in myself again!

Turns out Im at 24 stone 4 pounds so it wasn’t all that bad. I have had a busy couple of weeks though so that was probably why which I will be blogging about in another post just for a little life update as so much is going on and will explain why I might be bit delayed on the blog posts for a little while.

Basically I’ve gotten in a really bad habit of not taking a lunch to work so I basically end up starving myself all week which is so terrible because then when I come home I think its ok to binge each which is a really bad way of eating food throughout the day. I also had two takeaways within the space of two days this week. Im really disappointed in myself in that sense just because I’m going back to the way of putting shit into my body again which was what I was trying to avoid. But at least I haven’t put on any weight! I haven’t lost anymore which is annoying but at least I haven’t put on! It’s probably not good for my brain thought if it turns out I haven’t put weight on from eating two MCDonald’s that soon together though so thats bit of a negative. I just don’t get time to exercise at the moment either! Im trying to go on walks as much as I can but other than that I really don’t have time between work and having a life.

My aim for this week is to make sure I’m having a breakfast and a lunch to take to work to make sure I’m not skipping out on meals and then going crazy later on when I get home and I’m hoping that, that will kick me back into normal eating again!

Im aiming to keep up with these blogs as well as I can as well!

Much Love




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