Beauty Formulas Glorious Mud Facial Mask Review

This is my review of the Beauty Formulas Glorious Mud Facial Mask!

For this blog I want to try out cheaper brand products to see if there uptown standard for me. As I’m learning to save and be more careful with my money I’ve had to change my £75 face wash routine down to a £5 and its not actually that much different so I’m trying out different face masks to see if they will work just as well.

This one retails for £1 which is super super cheap! I found this one in Savers , I’m not 100% sure wether its sold else where but savers is where I found this for £1. It comes in such a good bottle because its easy to reseal and use over again which is what I like in a face mask. I like ones that last longer than one use because then when you find a good one it will last longer! Im not sure how many uses you could possibly get out of this one but I imagine its more than 5 as you don’t need to use too much.

I suffer with really bad acne prone skin so products are come and go with me. Before I used this product I had so many painfully inflamed spots! After I used this product my spots had practically almost gone which is crazy because that never happens when I use face products! For a simple £1 face product it was amazing! The smell wasn’t too bad not a special smell but just a little tinge to it which is good because when face products smell strong It makes me a little scared because I feel like there a lot of products in it, I know thats probably not the case and its all in my head but thats how my head has it!

I just have to say I will be stocking up on this product! For £1 for something that gets rid of spots basically instantly you can’t go wrong, so make sure you go and check this product out its really worth the £1!

Much Love




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