Birchbox : April 2017

This is Aprils Birchbox! I failed to upload last months as a lot was going on but I’m back to my normal routine! This is the ‘Luseta Beauty Keratin Smooth Conditioner’ and it retails for £5. I was bit confused as to wether this product would work with it not having a shampoo companion but […]

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Loosing Friends….

I’ve found that since deciding to move to Bristol everything and everyone around me has changed, from work to people who I thought were always my best friends. Today I tried to make plans with my long time best friend to see her before I moved. She really isn’t interested. I think Iv’e known for […]

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Climbing Pen Y Fan!

So Iv’e climbed my first mountain! It was very very hard! When my partner asked me if I wanted to climb a mountain I originally said no, just purely because of my size and I’m not really amazing at walking as my family’s a sat down family, but I have been going out walking and […]

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Weight Wednesday Week 6

Ok I think its safe to say I’ve given up on my diet! Im so annoyed at myself because I thought this time I would try really hard, but in all fairness my life is so stressful at the moment that I’m just eating takeaways and chocolate to help with stress which Is a poor […]

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Weight Wednesday Week 5

Yep Im completely slacking on the whole blogging at the moment! My life depending on the way that you look at it could be seen as a complete disaster or that I’m winning at life. Ive now finished working for the co-op which was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far but the […]

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