Weight Wednesday Week 5

Yep Im completely slacking on the whole blogging at the moment!

My life depending on the way that you look at it could be seen as a complete disaster or that I’m winning at life. Ive now finished working for the co-op which was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far but the job that I’ve left it for is now giving me headaches so I might now be loosing that one and just moving down to Bristol and winging it! I will admit I’m stressed as fuck at the moment. But isn’t that the part of growing up, being stressed and crying and all that. Life scary when you don’t have your parents making the decisions for you!

Anyway with that explained as to why I’m so terrible at blogging at the moment I need to talk about my weight.

Its not too bad at the moment. Last week I somehow managed to get down to 23 stone 12 pounds which made me so happy! But then in that time I decided that I would treat myself and eat unhealthy again which didn’t help because now I’m back unto 24 stone 2 pounds. But this does still mean I’ve lost a stone since Christmas which is the best I’ve done!

Ive also been very good with walking, me and my partner have been doing odd walks, I do sweat and get so out of breath but he encourages me so much that I just can’t give up! I love walking just something about it really calms me down and makes me feel way more awake and less frumpy when I move ( its a bit strange to describe it in that way but if your a big lass like me, you will understand where I’m coming from) We also went on our first walk with his parents and it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t sweat out too bad and actually felt alright while doing it for a change and not like I was dying . I am getting used to taking breaks when my body felt like it and not so much just trying to get the walk finished and get back to lying down. I am still eating quite bad seen as though mc donalds decided  it would bring back monopoly just in time when the mountain is in a few weeks. I feel like I’m going to do ok. I know ill be able to take as long as I want but it is a little scary, I just know that I’m going to feel so proud of myself after it so I know that its going to be worth it!

I have injured my hip which is so worrying though as I really don’t want anything to stop me from walking up that mountain so I need to rest it as much as possible! If not I guess I’m going to be stocked up on very strong painkillers for that day!

So I feel like the past few weeks was a success and I know I just have to carry on trying like I am as I am getting there slowly!

Much Love!




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