Climbing Pen Y Fan!

So Iv’e climbed my first mountain!

It was very very hard!

When my partner asked me if I wanted to climb a mountain I originally said no, just purely because of my size and I’m not really amazing at walking as my family’s a sat down family, but I have been going out walking and trying to get better over these past few months in the hopes that I would feel up to doing it. I was always scared just knowing that I would struggle a lot more than everyone else that did it would.

But coming up to Easter Sunday and I’m getting ready to go on a mountain walk. Who would of thought it, the worst walker and most moaner would end up walking up a mountain.

The first bit was one of the hardest, just because it was so steep and unstable so it took a toll on the ankles! I also got out of breath A LOT! It turned out that the rain decided to completely destroy the day and tip town on us at the top of the ridge! Me being me didn’t exactly wear the most sensible clothes so I was freezing! We then decided that it was too unsafe to actually climb the top of the mountain which made me devastated, just because I was already in so much pain that knowing that I still wasn’t actually going to do it was just heart breaking. But it turned out that us trying to make our way off of the mountain would end up in us actually walking up the mountain by accident. Which was amazing because it turned out that all the pain really was worth it in the end and wasn’t wasted. Getting off the mountain was so terrifying because as you came to the bottom all you could see was a stone and nothing else because you had to climb all the way down. Which was scary but as soon as your on the flat it feels so much better!

Even after we climbed the mountain we still had to walk all the way back to the car which was a walk in its self, and when your in pain its tripled in size!

Overall I feel really proud of myself, just because I never knew I could do something like that, and its all from the help of my partner and his family. There the ones that have encouraged me to be able to do it . My partner was always there pushing me through it and holding my hand, his mum was there cheering me on and making me know I could do it. Ill always be grate full to My partner and his encouragement with getting me walking and not sitting down all the time . Hes helped me found a hobby I actually really enjoy and cant wait to do more of!

Any girl, any size can do what ever she wants. It may be a struggle to get out there and exercise but in the end its still possible. Anything is possible!

Much Love





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