My Thoughts On 13 Reasons Why…


This is my thoughts on the Netflix Original series ’13 reasons why’ which is based off the book ’13 reasons why’. Theres a lot of controversial comments everywhere about this show at the moment. I decided I would watch it because my sister had mentioned it too me and said how great it was and then every time I logged onto Facebook there was some post about the show on there so I figured it was time to finally watch it to see what the craze was about. I really really loved this show, in all honesty the first few I wasn’t too into I didn’t know wether I would carry on watching it but all of a sudden I was into it and so obsessed and couldn’t stop watching.

Im not aiming to put spoilers in this but just in case your someone who hasn’t watched it, you might read something you don’t want too just yet. It doesn’t take long to get into the story as it starts basically straight away from the first episode which is great because I like programmes and films that are fast moving just because my concentration isn’t the best. But after that I was hooked and with having a busy life it was difficult to find time so I had to find time!

Its a very gripping programme with the story lines it deals with, from sexual assault to self harm to suicide. Its handling with a lot which is good because its basically showing all the issues and topics that it seems society is trying to keep away from. I feel like it handles the topics very well in the way they show each one. The main one is obviously the suicide of Hannah baker which is one of the scenes that has been spoke about the most as people think its too graphic.

From someone who has experienced self harm and attempted suicide attempts I feel like this show puts everything into light, the fact that multiple things can just add up to everything being too much for someone. The only issue that the programme has is that it doesn’t mention mental health a lot. It just mentions that the people are the reasons why which is half the reason why. Their actions obviously didn’t help with the fact that Hannah baker was mentally ill, It is just making the point that you shouldn’t treat people like that because you don’t know what their dealing with on the inside so your actions might not help. There are so many scenes that are real tear jerkers and others that are just very uncomfortable, like the rape scenes and obviously Hannah suicide scene, coming back to that my view is that yes it was very graphic, very, and being someone who has self harmed it is quite triggering but I did look up before watching the show to see if there was any scenes with that being involved just because I do get triggered by that. So I was expecting that to happen I was aware just like everyone else that had decided to watch the show as its a show on suicide. I think that scene was needed though, just as it showed how it can send people into such a low point that they would do that to themselves. It showed that yes maybe sometimes its something small but to someone else it can be a life changer.

I feel like parents complaining about this is ridiculous. Obviously it comes up with a warning as the show starts, Its rated an 18. If parents are complaining about how it encourages suicide and romanticises it they shouldn’t be showing it to underage kids, as its coming from schools that there putting a warning over it. Its got a high age rating for a reason and a warning in the beginning for a reason. Part of me feels like its people that don’t want to hear about it and don’t want that topic brought up. I might be wrong, but to me its showing what this shows trying to get out there and thats that people need to talk about it, people need to see this and understand that thats whats going on in some peoples head. This needs to be a topic and programme that is talked about and not put to the back because its ‘too’ graphic.

I love this programme and I would even rewatch it again. I think more people need to see this and more people need to get talking about the issues that is raised!

Much Love



( Im also hoping for a season 2, just like everyone else )


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