Makeup Remover Cloths!


Now I know you’ve probably heard about the makeup eraser! Who’s hasn’t! Well while I was shopping I found these at B&M bargains for a whopping bargain for £1.99! Ive been trying to find a cheap alternate for the makeup eraser for a long time because I liked the thought of them, I think there great for saving on waste because your not having to throw out makeup wipes and all that which I hate doing! These you literally have to just wash and there ready to use again! I really like these! I have used them and washed them again to see if they still worked after washing them, and yes they did!

How long they will last for, I don’t know but then thats the same for everything even if it saves me from using up a pack of wipes and throwing them out I’m happy! For the price they are its a bargain. There quite soft on your face which is nice, they say they have a exfoliant side but I’m not sure which one it is as when you wet them they just seem the same, you can tell when there dry but not when there wet.

My only issue with these is literally that you have to wash them if not you have no means of getting your makeup off at night, but if you get enough to last the week that won’t be a problem as I am going to get some more soon so that won’t be an issue then. It does take maybe a little longer than it does a wipe but I normally get a stinging on my eyes and face which I didn’t get with these because its literally just water,  So this is definitely a good cheap alternative and I would recommend!

Much Love






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