Birchbox : May 2017


It’s May already! So its already time for my review of this months Birchbox. I loved the design on the box this month, I’m keeping it the same as I did last month ( I just hope this doesn’t become a reacurence )

Benefit Cosmetics : The POREfessional Matte Rescue|RRP £23.50


Iv’e always been a fan of benefit products they’ve always worked out for me like the mascaras and tints. This one has always been a go to for me as I’ve used this before, It is very pricy but I would pay full price (I’ve only ever been able to afford the small tubes) It always works well on my acne prone skin, it helps my skin to look less oily for much longer than normal products. The size of this product is really great, its good for traveling but its larger than there normal small size products. This was a really good product to come from Birchbox!

Doucce : Punk Volumizer Mascara | RRP £18


This is my first time trying a product from this brand. Apparently it was a birch box exclusive! Im quite fussy with mascaras because Im not a fan of ones that clump your eyelashes together, so its quite difficult to find one that doesn’t do that as everyone seems to like that type of eyelash at the moment. This one was great! I didn’t put an eyelash primer on underneath and it worked really well! I would consider buying the full product but it is the same price as Clinique and I would prefer the Clinique one but this one is still great on its own. I wouldn’t say it didn’t give my lashes more volume but it didn’t clump my eyelashes so that was all that mattered for me so if your someone looking for one that can help with that maybe this one isn’t for you.

Kueshi : Hair Mask Shine & Volume | RRP £10.50


This was a decent product. Lets just say I wouldn’t buy it, it made my hair too volumised for my liking, some people would like a product like that so if you like your hair to have volume this product does work. Its just not for me as I don’t like having volume to my already thick frizzy hair! I felt like it also made my hair very knotty which for a conditioner should do the opposite but that might be because of the dye build up on the bottom of my hair not suiting this product as normally my hair isn’t knotty so it might just not work well with this product. I personally wouldn’t buy the full size product of this but if your looking for very volumised hair then this is the product for you!

Marsk : Mineral Eyeshadow in Fifty Shades | RRP £14.49


To be honest, I really don’t like the colour, but that is completely on me because I hate black eyeshadows, I find it hard to find an eyeshadow I like as it is and a black one to be is just completely off the ball! To be honest I haven’t tried this product just because I can’t ever wear black eyeshadow, I tried it on the back of my hand and it applied really well but other than that I can’t give an honest review of it. Only that I don’t understand why birch box didn’t let everyone choose which colour everyone would like because the difference between black and the light white colour they had is completely different and I would of used the whiter one but this one I can’t use which is a shame.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics : Lip Tar Primer | RRP £15.00


I like this product. I feel like its worth buying instead of lip balms because it kept my lips very hydrated throughout the day and I didn’t feel the need to apply lip balm which obviously saves time throughout the day and saves product as I didn’t have to use it multiple times. I didn’t try it under lipstick because I’m not much of a fan but as it says on the product you can just use it as a lip balm so thats what I’m going to use it for. I would possibly by this product again it is very expensive for the size of It but I imagine it would be bigger for the price as they give testers so I would possibly see what size the full size is.

I liked this box, its not amazing but its been better than the others, I just wished they had asked which colour you wanted for the eyeshadow then it would of been my favourite! I loved the box design thats definitely my fave because Im a massive fan of marble! Ive kept this one as well as the Boden one because they are very good to keep little odd things in and the designs are really nice!

Much Love




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