Cutiepiemarzia’s Floral Subscription Box


This is Marzia’s Floral Box! I love the front design of the box I find the little creatures cute and I like the fact that Marzia drew them and added them into the floral design of the box. I hate that they just use the shipping box as the actual subscription box because there never as nice to just keep but then I get that it saves on packaging and using more resources.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream


I LOVE this product, it smells amazing it feels amazing on my skin! Im going to use it as my special moisturiser and not use it up all in one go just because it smells so good! It didn’t make my skin too oily which I suffer with, with moisturisers so that was a surprise! I would definitely look into buying the full size product of this one. Its supposed to offer over 24 hours of hydration and it definitely did, in the morning my skin wasn’t dried up or anything like that It was a really good product! Even if it wasn’t I would still buy it just to sit there and smell it to be honest so it being a great product is just a plus!

Yes to Calming Micellar Cleansing Water

This is a nice product, to me it doesn’t stand out as one of the best products from the box. It smells really nice! It does smell quite strong of cucumbers which is quite nice because it does feel like its cleansing and lasts a nice smell on the skin after. It is a cleanser, toner and moisturiser in one which is really good! To be it made my skin a little oily after wards which isn’t great but that happens often with products just because of my skin type. The pump dispenser is cool, sometimes it does go everywhere if you don’t cover the cotton pad completely over but it is quite a nice idea and it does dispense enough to do your whole face and neck!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer


I really love this product! Ive already looked into buying the full size! It feels so smooth on the skin, it doesn’t make my skin oily which is a massive plus for me, makeup goes on so easy and smooth it literally makes makeup going on the skin feel like a cloud. It make my makeup stay all day and it didn’t budge! It is close to the benefit cosmetics pore one but I like this one a lot more, I would choose this one over it any day just by how easy it make applying my makeup!

 DERMA E Microdermabrasion Scrub


This product is really good for acne! I found that I’ve been under a lot of stress lately so my skin has been a nightmare! This has helped a lot, it helped the spots that I did have come up so go away which was amazing because it was awful! You can only use this twice a week which is quite annoying as I would use it all the time but its because of how hard of a scrub it is. It helped a lot with my dry skin as well, it didn’t completely get rid of it but it helped, My acne scars seem to be a little less obvious, still there but not as clear and dark which is amazing . I looked online and the price for full size isn’t too bad, It is quite expensive but it would be worth the money.

Custom Marzia WinkyLux Eyeshadow

I love the fact that they gave out micro eyeshadows from Marzias new collab, Thats always the plus with having marzias box because you always get something from if she collars with a company. I love the packaging of this product, I wish the actual eyeshadow packaging was that same as the outside package but sadly its just a white but it means that I’ve kept the out packaging because its too cute to throw out. This is a very orange eyeshadow! I didn’t think I would be able to wear it just because I’m more of a pale colour eyeshadow but when you blend this one out, you can see that its orange but its a very subtle one because I hardly used any product just because I didn’t want a bright orange eye if not if you put a lot on you would have a very bright orange eye. It blends out really well and is a really nice formula. I would love to see the big palette and I might look into getting it!

Surprise Product from Kate Aspen 


These are the salt and pepper shakers from the Kate aspen collection. There was the chance of these and a photo frame. I really like these I find these really cute and very nice decor, I think I would of preferred the photo frame just because the pattern on the box of this one was the print of the photo frame so that would of been cute but I do still like these. They are very small so you would have to refill them every time which would be a pain but there worth the effort just by how cute they are!

Kenra Professional Platinum Blow Dry Spray


This is one of my favourites from the box, it makes my hair feel so soft and silky and it also helps with the knots that I’m struggling with at the moment. Even if my hair is super knotty I just put this on my wet hair and put a brush through it and its completely fine! It also helps with flyaway during the day, it never seems to be frizzy after drying and helps to keep to style in longer. I will be buying this after this bottle runs out because it helps a lot with struggling to brush my hair!

Forest Creatures Sewing Kit 

Mini sewing kits are always handy! This one literally has everything even buttons and a safety clip. My only issue was as soon as I opened it , it broke so every time I open it, it breaks open and I have to struggle to close it so I don’t think it was very expensive for them to make. other than that I do really like this product and the idea of it. Its also a very good mini sewing kit as it has EVERYTHING! I love Marzias little forest creatures designs there really cute!

White Wire Headband


This is a really cute add on to the box! Im not sure wether I would ever use it just because my head doesn’t suit things at all. Its a good quality product, not a lot was thought of it I don’t think but it is really cute and does fill in the box really well.

Overall I liked this box, this was a lot better than the last one but there was the same issue as I had last time as that there isn’t a lot of personally thought out things and just products, it must be the plan that she has because its always 2 things that is personally made for the box. This boxes products were better than the last one, I’m more likely to use these products and have actually given me more ideas of what products. Hopefully next box she will have more self thought products in!

Much Love




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