Weight Wednesday Is Back!

Ok so its officially back and I’m going to stick to it this time! no matter how busy life gets or how much I fail (hopefully not this time) I am going to keep updating this!

Ive been trying to get better again just by cutting out fizzy drinks and stuff like that, its been good somedays when its super hot and all I want is a cold drink of fizzy its so difficult! I do still have it, I have it on the weekends and one or two between the week. It might sound still bad but to me that it literally amazing because I would drink a whole 2 litre bottle everyday so to me thats an improvement! Ive gotten better on eating chocolate this week its much better I do still have some just not a lot, I’m just getting better with my lactose intolerance  because I have started eating cakes and chocolate bad  but now I’m completely off of it again really!

Exercise is decent at the moment, since Monday I have been out on a couple of walks and  done a few exercises, they do make me very tired but a little while after I do have more energy and I feel great so its worth it, Ive recently bought some of the Demi Lovato Fabletics range so I’m raring to get out tomorrow to start exercising in my new workout gear!

So at the moment I’m at 24 stone 5 pounds which is 341 pounds. My goal for next week is to loose at least 3 pounds!

Much Love




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