Meditation Monday : Calm App Review

Meditation Mondays are back! They did go for a little while because I just couldn’t find anything or anytime to take time out of my day to help me stay calm so I’m finally back on it and hopefully this time it will stay!

This time I’ve tried my time with the calm app, they do have a calm book companion which I will be reviewing soon as its a fave of mine. I looked around for a while trying to find a good meditation helping app, as I’ve struggled before when I’ve tried to meditate I thought this time I would try an app to help me along trying to learn to meditate. I then found the calm app as I was looking in my book and downloaded it, I realised that they have meditation talks on there so I figured I would give meditating ago again.

The calm app they have sounds and wallpapers on in the background so as your meditating you can choose different things to listen too like a fire, beach or a rainstorm anything like that. I like to have either the beach or the fire on as I like to think I’m by the beach relaxing. They also have in the app which I found really helpful was the 7 days of calm which helped you learn how to meditate and how to bring your mind back when it wondered. It also has an unguided meditation so you can choose how long you want to meditate for and it will tell you when the time is up. They also have help with timers with little bells on so your reminded to bring yourself back in so your mind isn’t wondering which is great because I find that I did that a lot In the beginning. Theres also a breathing section when if your feeling a little anxious or just want to practice your breathing you have a section you can just pop on and have ago at, there are so many different meditation guiders for different things even stress and sleep! . The app also tells you how long you’ve taken to meditate in total and how many days streak you’ve done it for which is cool to see because then you realise how much time you’ve taken to relax and take time out for yourself. There is more features if you pay, I haven’t payed as I haven’t found the need as they offer plenty for non subscribers. Theres the options of paying monthly for $12.99, yearly for $59.99 or lifetime for $299.99, but as I said they do offer plenty for non payers.

I love meditating, I find it so relaxing and I do really feel like I go into another world, It has surprisingly helped me with my driving, its strange to think that 10 minutes a day meditating has helped me with that but I can definitly tell the difference when I haven’t meditated in a few days. It does also help me feel more tired sometimes because it relaxes me so much but then sometimes it can make me feel so awake and refreshed. The app offers so much help with trying to learn it has been an easy skill to pick up, trust me in the beginning it was difficult and somedays It still can be but just even if I spend half of the time I wanted too relaxed and having my mind off of my worries thats fine because its still time that I’ve taken out to sit down and just think about relaxing and keeping calm. Its much easier putting on headphones I found just because then you can get no distractions if someone shuts a door or someone calls out, Its much easier to just zone out and make it something to focus on.

I really suggest trying meditation, my depression did start playing up for a bit, I started meditating and I was so calm again after. It really helps with your mental health and just keeping calm everyday. Its free you can do it for as long as you want even 5 minutes and you will feel the difference, so please if your feeling stressed about anything, download the calm app! You will definitely feel the difference!

Much Love




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