Weight Wednesday Week 8

This week has been great! To some extent, basically what me and my partner done was have weekends off for eating healthy, which at the weight that I’m at wasn’t a good idea. I kind of had this strange thought of it that I can take as long as I want but having that attitude isn’t great for me as this week I have only lost a pound so I’m at 24 stone 6 pounds.

This week I have been exercising like crazy! I done the Davina work out for cardio and actually felt great after! It was when the weather was so hot though so I was roasting! I also went swimming with my partner and some of his family. It was great, I haven’t gone swimming in so long and it was weird being back there without Kerrie who I alway used to go with when I was younger. I loved it and I hopefully will go swimming a lot more, well thats my goal too anyway. I also went on a bike ride which I haven’t done in forever, I think the last time I rode a bike was when I was in primary school so a very long time ago! I enjoyed it so much, I was really wobbly in the beginning and it was weird remembering how to ride a bike instead of driving a car. I have really enjoyed exercising this week its been really fun. Don’t get me wrong I was ache as hell and my muscles ached but it was worth it because it make me feel great after.

Eating, like I said in the beginning, I’ve had the wrong mind set towards it so my weekends were full of chocolate and fizzy drinks. This weekend coming I am going to try a different approach and see how that will help me, hopefully it will! I’m realising that this will be effort but it will be worth it, as how I’m feeling about putting on weight I don’t feel great about it so I need to do something about it and stop disappointing myself over it and actually put in more effort!

I feel like after this week I’m onto something, I’m putting in more effort when it comes to the exercise its just the food that I need to get under control a bit more. I do feel great though, I do feel like I’m a lot more energetic after exercising. Hopefully next week I will actually loose weight though! My goal is 3 pounds again!

Much Love




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