Meditation Monday : Colouring

Colouring has become a craze for quite a while now!

I loved it when it became a thing because before that I would always buy different types of colouring because I found it relaxing, so when proper adult ones came out it was great, and to the extreme as well seen as I though I was bought a hunger games one for Christmas. Its great. They are very expensive just because they know that people will buy them which Is a shame as more people might buy them and find out how relaxing they are if they were cheaper.

I use colouring as a way to relax. Its a great thing to help with imagination and looking at what different colours you can use with which. Its so relaxing to colour just while watching tv.

I have also been given dot to dot which was just as much fun because it was like being a child again but they make it a lot more extreme so its more fun for adults.

What I’m trying to say with this blog post as well is that if it helped me calm down and be bit more relaxed it could help anyone! A lot of people say that colouring in is just for Chrildren, but why do we give it to children to do sometimes..? So they sit there and sometimes stay quiet for a while and just relax and calm down so why could that not happen with adults! Because most of the time adults are too busy being an adult to realise that its ok to just chill sometimes!

Check out colouring guys if you haven’t! You might find it will help you!

Much Love





Meditation Monday : Looking After Plants

For the past few weeks I have been looking after plants, for what I thought was looking after I was actually killing it as I found out just the other day. I had been bought two succulents for my birthday and for once I thought I would actually try to looks after them this time, turns out what I thought was looking after I was actually killing it because I overwatered them so much that the leaves went black and fell off. One of them is surviving its just being water starved for a few months. So hopefully that one will survive!

Ive just bought a new Bonsai tree today in the hopes that I can look after that one and make it a good plant!

The whole point of this blog is for me to say this, when my little succulent died I was heart broken. At that point I realised that I really do love looking after plants as they make me feel calm and focus my mind on looking after that rather than thinking about all the issues that could be happening. It sounds so silly as its just a little plant but I did feel like I killed a person that I cared for. My mum has always kept a good garden and I would help her when I was younger to plant some, I can’t wait to be older and have a really nice garden.

Just looking at a plant that you’ve looked after is so relaxing and makes you feel like your really looking after something, even if sometimes I haven’t looked after myself all that well, I’m still looking after this little plant.

So heres to my new bonsai tree! Hopefully I can think plant and not drown it this time!

Much Love



Moving Away From Home

So recently about a month ago I moved away from home.

Its strange, as I always spent time at my partners parents place it felt like I was coming here to stay for a couple of weeks, but walking in after having food with my parents that night and having all of my stuff here. It was so strange! I felt like I had over packed!

The first week I went away on holiday which felt even weirder coming home and it not being home. I did cry a few times just because it was getting used to this being my home.

Before I moved I had a friend say that she was going to keep in touch with me but she hasn’t contacted me at all. I class her now as not being a friend as even when I got engaged she had nothing to say, she had always been jealous of mine and my partners relationship but at that moment in time it proved how bad it actually was. Moving away has changed my friendships quite a lot, I still know I have my two friends no matter what but friends that I thought were, weren’t and it was made clear when you move away from those people.

Moving away from family was the hardest. I had always gone out with my sister or parents and being here and having Charlie at work, I don’t have anyone to go out with so I have to go on my own. I’ve been here for a month and a half now and today was the first time I have gone out on my own. Im quite proud of myself today. But it is just getting used to not being around people all the time again. Ive become too attached to Charlie with not having a job and him being the only one around here. Now I have a job I hope it will be better but I never know with me!

Moving away from home is difficult, its coming home and not having your mum and dad there to welcome you home or have your tea ready. Its not living in the house that you’ve grown up in all those years. I love being away from home though, it has helped me and my mums relationship as we just had too much of each other.

Just remember when you leave home it is hard, But it does get easier!

Much Love



Weight Wednesday : Week 9

This week was finally a success!

I feel like I finally know what I have to do, to be able to do this its just moving it over into action that I do find difficult but now I do realise how much a normal diet eats in a day and how much access I was eating in comparison.

Ive used an app this week, the ‘ My Fitness Pal’ app. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of this app by now but basically its an app that counts your calories for you, you just have to type what your eating in or scan the barcode and then put the amount of grams you have and it will take off the amount of calories you’ve eaten. Sometimes it can be very scary and makes you think twice about eating something which is always good for me, makes me feel guilty which is bad but its great for me!

Food wise this week has been amazing, I did have a few snacks on the weekend but still not chocolate and still not to the extreme that I have done previously. For snacks I’ve been eating carrots and fruit, I’ve also been eating musli bars and healthy fruit bars! For a little late night snack I do eat biscuits but only rich tea and only 4/5 which is about 200 calories but I always make sure that I leave enough in the day that I have calories left over to have them. I do crave bad food when I see my partner eating them but its good to make me realise that its me eating that so much that has meant that I can’t have that little treat now.

Ive also been drinking 2 litres a day, over for most of the days which has made me pee quite a lot! (too much info I know) but other than that It has made me feel great! I feel like that is what is helping me loose weight so much, also my skin looks and feels amazing!

I haven’t exercised much this week as I’ve mainly tried to get my diet under control so I might leave exercise for another week, just depends on how I feel about it. But I did go out on a longer bike ride this weekend which was really nice, Bikes hurt thought! There not the nicest of things for comfort but it was really nice to get out on a bike ride and get some fresh air!

At the beginning of the week I weighed 24 stone 6 pounds. Now I weight 24 stone 1 pounds! So this week I have lost 5 Pounds! I am so proud of myself and it does make me realise that I can do it, it does just take time and effort in my part! So I’m well past my 3 pound goal from last week!

My goal for next week will still be to loose another 3 pounds.

Much Love



Meditation Monday : The Little Book Of Meditations

The Little Book Of Meditations by Gilly Pickup *£5.99


This is a really good book if your just starting to learn to meditate, it helps with understanding what it is and sort of why people choose to practice it. It tells you the best types of places to meditate and teaches you how it changes your thought pattern though daily life. It also introduces you into Mantra.

As you go through the book they leave little meditation quotes as well which is really nice and cute to read, even after you’ve read the little book just to remember them.

I feel this book would be a great gift for someone who you think would enjoy meditating or just a book for yourself if its something that you would like to read about, as its very good at explaining everything about meditation which might help people to understand and feel more like they could get involved with meditating. I really loved reading this book even after learning how to meditate just because it goes into more detail about why and how, which is always good to know a bit more about it. I was given this as a gift and I thought it was great!

There Is also a bunch of other books by the author of this one and another one called Lucy Lane. There based on the same sort of thing like A little book of happiness or a little book of comfort which I love the idea of! I will definitely be buying more of them as I think they would all be a really good read and would all look lovely on a little bookshelf!

Sadly there isn’t a lot to say about the book in detail because its worth buying and reading yourself so I don’t want to give much away in that detail.

Much Love




Why Cant We All Just Get Along

This blog post might be a complete ramble from me. Its currently 11:46 on a Tuesday night and its just hit me what happened in Manchester last week. I don’t get why, thats probably the same question the parents of the victims of the attack are thinking right now. Sat in there loved ones rooms wondering what they could of done, to help to stop them from being there.

Why is there so much hate in this world that we have to heart each other, for no reason. People say thats its religion and stuff like that, like things that are going on between countries. Why have people got to feel the need to heart people and family’s, what did that person get out of hearing all those people. Nothing because now he’s also dead, he doesn’t have to deal with what he left behind which was family’s aching for there innocent children back.

Why can people just put down there weapons and stop fighting, to be right for something. Nothing was won buy all those children dying, nothing. Life is too short to have to be scared of these people, scared that what ever event or place that your going too next is going to come under attack by these people. Why so much hate. Why

Why can’t everyone just stop fighting, what about in world war one when everyone came together on Christmas Day, for one day everyone just stopped fighting, they weren’t told by everyone they just did it themselves, why can’t life be like that, except for it not only being on one day it be everyday. Like everyday is that last. What is going to stop it this time, what does it take to make everyone realise that what is it actually for.

Every country and city now needs to come together to prove that love can happen, not everybody hates all the time. Nobody needs to be scared because there the ones that are scared, that they won’t be looked upon by there god or there leaders. Where the ones that are free and fighting them with love and compassion for each other.

Ive never been a person to get involved with wars and political issues around the world, but I’m done not being interested as its now effecting closer to home. I know thats silly to say that only now I have realised but it takes for something to wake you up for you to realise whats actually going on in the world, and how much hate there is.

Kill Em With Kindness – Selena Gomez

My Love and thoughts go out to the Family’s , Friends and those involved with what happened.



Rest In Peace

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