Why Cant We All Just Get Along

This blog post might be a complete ramble from me. Its currently 11:46 on a Tuesday night and its just hit me what happened in Manchester last week. I don’t get why, thats probably the same question the parents of the victims of the attack are thinking right now. Sat in there loved ones rooms wondering what they could of done, to help to stop them from being there.

Why is there so much hate in this world that we have to heart each other, for no reason. People say thats its religion and stuff like that, like things that are going on between countries. Why have people got to feel the need to heart people and family’s, what did that person get out of hearing all those people. Nothing because now he’s also dead, he doesn’t have to deal with what he left behind which was family’s aching for there innocent children back.

Why can people just put down there weapons and stop fighting, to be right for something. Nothing was won buy all those children dying, nothing. Life is too short to have to be scared of these people, scared that what ever event or place that your going too next is going to come under attack by these people. Why so much hate. Why

Why can’t everyone just stop fighting, what about in world war one when everyone came together on Christmas Day, for one day everyone just stopped fighting, they weren’t told by everyone they just did it themselves, why can’t life be like that, except for it not only being on one day it be everyday. Like everyday is that last. What is going to stop it this time, what does it take to make everyone realise that what is it actually for.

Every country and city now needs to come together to prove that love can happen, not everybody hates all the time. Nobody needs to be scared because there the ones that are scared, that they won’t be looked upon by there god or there leaders. Where the ones that are free and fighting them with love and compassion for each other.

Ive never been a person to get involved with wars and political issues around the world, but I’m done not being interested as its now effecting closer to home. I know thats silly to say that only now I have realised but it takes for something to wake you up for you to realise whats actually going on in the world, and how much hate there is.

Kill Em With Kindness – Selena Gomez

My Love and thoughts go out to the Family’s , Friends and those involved with what happened.



Rest In Peace

Megan Hurley


Courtney Boyle and Philip Tron


Wendy Fawell


Elaine Mclver

unnamed-xlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqDZJIi_JdCMV1tyepe8yqFzYdN-CxGdiWMV2PMPKs6iIEilidh Macleod


Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry


Sorrell Leczkowski


Nell Jones


Martyn Hett


Michelle Kiss


Jane Tweddle – Taylor


Marcin and Angelika Klis


Kelly Brewster


Olivia Brewster


John Atkinson


Alison Howe and Lisa Lees


Saffie – Rose Roussos


Georgina Callander



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