Meditation Monday : The Little Book Of Meditations

The Little Book Of Meditations by Gilly Pickup *£5.99


This is a really good book if your just starting to learn to meditate, it helps with understanding what it is and sort of why people choose to practice it. It tells you the best types of places to meditate and teaches you how it changes your thought pattern though daily life. It also introduces you into Mantra.

As you go through the book they leave little meditation quotes as well which is really nice and cute to read, even after you’ve read the little book just to remember them.

I feel this book would be a great gift for someone who you think would enjoy meditating or just a book for yourself if its something that you would like to read about, as its very good at explaining everything about meditation which might help people to understand and feel more like they could get involved with meditating. I really loved reading this book even after learning how to meditate just because it goes into more detail about why and how, which is always good to know a bit more about it. I was given this as a gift and I thought it was great!

There Is also a bunch of other books by the author of this one and another one called Lucy Lane. There based on the same sort of thing like A little book of happiness or a little book of comfort which I love the idea of! I will definitely be buying more of them as I think they would all be a really good read and would all look lovely on a little bookshelf!

Sadly there isn’t a lot to say about the book in detail because its worth buying and reading yourself so I don’t want to give much away in that detail.

Much Love





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