Weight Wednesday : Week 9

This week was finally a success!

I feel like I finally know what I have to do, to be able to do this its just moving it over into action that I do find difficult but now I do realise how much a normal diet eats in a day and how much access I was eating in comparison.

Ive used an app this week, the ‘ My Fitness Pal’ app. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of this app by now but basically its an app that counts your calories for you, you just have to type what your eating in or scan the barcode and then put the amount of grams you have and it will take off the amount of calories you’ve eaten. Sometimes it can be very scary and makes you think twice about eating something which is always good for me, makes me feel guilty which is bad but its great for me!

Food wise this week has been amazing, I did have a few snacks on the weekend but still not chocolate and still not to the extreme that I have done previously. For snacks I’ve been eating carrots and fruit, I’ve also been eating musli bars and healthy fruit bars! For a little late night snack I do eat biscuits but only rich tea and only 4/5 which is about 200 calories but I always make sure that I leave enough in the day that I have calories left over to have them. I do crave bad food when I see my partner eating them but its good to make me realise that its me eating that so much that has meant that I can’t have that little treat now.

Ive also been drinking 2 litres a day, over for most of the days which has made me pee quite a lot! (too much info I know) but other than that It has made me feel great! I feel like that is what is helping me loose weight so much, also my skin looks and feels amazing!

I haven’t exercised much this week as I’ve mainly tried to get my diet under control so I might leave exercise for another week, just depends on how I feel about it. But I did go out on a longer bike ride this weekend which was really nice, Bikes hurt thought! There not the nicest of things for comfort but it was really nice to get out on a bike ride and get some fresh air!

At the beginning of the week I weighed 24 stone 6 pounds. Now I weight 24 stone 1 pounds! So this week I have lost 5 Pounds! I am so proud of myself and it does make me realise that I can do it, it does just take time and effort in my part! So I’m well past my 3 pound goal from last week!

My goal for next week will still be to loose another 3 pounds.

Much Love




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