Moving Away From Home

So recently about a month ago I moved away from home.

Its strange, as I always spent time at my partners parents place it felt like I was coming here to stay for a couple of weeks, but walking in after having food with my parents that night and having all of my stuff here. It was so strange! I felt like I had over packed!

The first week I went away on holiday which felt even weirder coming home and it not being home. I did cry a few times just because it was getting used to this being my home.

Before I moved I had a friend say that she was going to keep in touch with me but she hasn’t contacted me at all. I class her now as not being a friend as even when I got engaged she had nothing to say, she had always been jealous of mine and my partners relationship but at that moment in time it proved how bad it actually was. Moving away has changed my friendships quite a lot, I still know I have my two friends no matter what but friends that I thought were, weren’t and it was made clear when you move away from those people.

Moving away from family was the hardest. I had always gone out with my sister or parents and being here and having Charlie at work, I don’t have anyone to go out with so I have to go on my own. I’ve been here for a month and a half now and today was the first time I have gone out on my own. Im quite proud of myself today. But it is just getting used to not being around people all the time again. Ive become too attached to Charlie with not having a job and him being the only one around here. Now I have a job I hope it will be better but I never know with me!

Moving away from home is difficult, its coming home and not having your mum and dad there to welcome you home or have your tea ready. Its not living in the house that you’ve grown up in all those years. I love being away from home though, it has helped me and my mums relationship as we just had too much of each other.

Just remember when you leave home it is hard, But it does get easier!

Much Love




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