Meditation Monday : Looking After Plants

For the past few weeks I have been looking after plants, for what I thought was looking after I was actually killing it as I found out just the other day. I had been bought two succulents for my birthday and for once I thought I would actually try to looks after them this time, turns out what I thought was looking after I was actually killing it because I overwatered them so much that the leaves went black and fell off. One of them is surviving its just being water starved for a few months. So hopefully that one will survive!

Ive just bought a new Bonsai tree today in the hopes that I can look after that one and make it a good plant!

The whole point of this blog is for me to say this, when my little succulent died I was heart broken. At that point I realised that I really do love looking after plants as they make me feel calm and focus my mind on looking after that rather than thinking about all the issues that could be happening. It sounds so silly as its just a little plant but I did feel like I killed a person that I cared for. My mum has always kept a good garden and I would help her when I was younger to plant some, I can’t wait to be older and have a really nice garden.

Just looking at a plant that you’ve looked after is so relaxing and makes you feel like your really looking after something, even if sometimes I haven’t looked after myself all that well, I’m still looking after this little plant.

So heres to my new bonsai tree! Hopefully I can think plant and not drown it this time!

Much Love




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