Meditation Monday : Colouring

Colouring has become a craze for quite a while now!

I loved it when it became a thing because before that I would always buy different types of colouring because I found it relaxing, so when proper adult ones came out it was great, and to the extreme as well seen as I though I was bought a hunger games one for Christmas. Its great. They are very expensive just because they know that people will buy them which Is a shame as more people might buy them and find out how relaxing they are if they were cheaper.

I use colouring as a way to relax. Its a great thing to help with imagination and looking at what different colours you can use with which. Its so relaxing to colour just while watching tv.

I have also been given dot to dot which was just as much fun because it was like being a child again but they make it a lot more extreme so its more fun for adults.

What I’m trying to say with this blog post as well is that if it helped me calm down and be bit more relaxed it could help anyone! A lot of people say that colouring in is just for Chrildren, but why do we give it to children to do sometimes..? So they sit there and sometimes stay quiet for a while and just relax and calm down so why could that not happen with adults! Because most of the time adults are too busy being an adult to realise that its ok to just chill sometimes!

Check out colouring guys if you haven’t! You might find it will help you!

Much Love





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