Birchbox : July 2017


This months Birchbox is a Summer Daze theme! I really love the pattern of the box! It feels so summery and just makes me want to go on holiday, which is a bummer because I don’t have one planned. This month we were all treated too 6 lovely samples to try!

Origins : RitualiTea Oolong-La Face Mask |RRP £32.00


I was so excited to use this face mask because I’ve heard of origins and have always wanted to try there products so when I got this in my birch box I was itching to try it! I used this face mask after getting home from work so this was so nice! Ill be honest I enjoy the sheet masks because there so easy to apply, this one you have to add two teaspoons of water and mix it which was a little annoying when you just want to apply it, but the effort was so worth it! It has made my skin so so soft its unreal. Its a couple of days after and my skin feels just as soft as to when this came off so you basically get a facial feeling face for days after! I feel it is very expensive but it would be worth it, its over my price range to buy though but I feel like it would last a long time seen as though my face still feels good days after!

Catherine Malandrino : Style de Paris Eau de Parfum | RRP £50.00


I LOVE the smell of this perfume! It smells so nice, and expensive! Its a very warm smelling perfume which is what I like my perfume to smell like because I don’t like them too fruity, so this one is great, even my partner likes it and he’s very fussy when it comes to ladies perfumes. Its very over my price range for a perfume which is bit annoying as if it was bit cheaper I would look into buying the full size. I do really like the size product they gave out, its very small and will probably last one day but the smell lasts a long time so thats not a problem.

Balance Me : Flash Cleanse Micellar Water | RRP £16.00


Ive used Balance me products before and I’ve always loved them so I wasn’t surprised that I loved this one as well! Ive had stressed breakouts so this helped clear it up so much, I love that its natural products as well. It does seem to soap up on the cotton pad but I feel like it really helped to get into your skin as my skin was tingly after so it feels very nice on your skin. I would look into buying this for a full size product as I don’t find its too expensive for a micellar water.

Rituals : Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel | RRP £4.50


For some reason I saw this product as a shaving gel, lord knows why as its clearly stated on the bottle and in the leaflet that comes with the box that its a shower gel, I even looked it up online to see if it was cruelty free and still thought it was a shower gel. But with that being said I used it as a shaving gel before finding this out and it was actually amazing, I feel like I would buy this just to be a shaving gel as it really helped to make my legs and underarms so smooth! Using it as a shower gel was great as well, the smell is a little bit too strong but it really does help to make your skin smooth as using it as a shower gel. I am going to be buying this full price as I really enjoyed this product!

Benefit Cosmetics : Chachating Lip & Cheek Stain | RRP £25.50


This months box had Benefit in again which I was so excited for! This was the product that you could choose between the different colours and I chose the cha cha one as I felt that was more suited for me and I haven’t really got a lip or cheek product that has this colour. I really love the lip and cheek tints I think there so useful and subtle on the lips, It also helps with saving space in your makeup bag as its two in one! I love these and have multiple different colours of the lip and cheek tints.

Percy & Reed : Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery | RRP £20.00


I really liked this product! I love the fact that you put it in overnight and it stays in all night, I think thats so useful for someone with a busy life. It didn’t ‘disappear’ like they say it does when you put it in, it does sort of go wet in your hair but it does dry after a while and it doesn’t get your pillow wet or leave any stains or mess on the pillow so thats a plus, I think this is a really handy thing to have in your beauty products if your a busy person or just if you enjoy using different beauty products.

I Loved this box! This box was really easy to use the products because I use all these things. I feel like birch box is definitely worth the money, if you want to try products out before you spend a lot on the big products its great for you which is what I enjoy to do, I like to try things out before I make a massive purchase and birch box is great for that because they give samples from expensive companies the same as a little cheaper companies. Now I have to choose which Spectrum Makeup brush I want next month!

Much Love




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