Marzia’s Camping Box


This is sadly my last Marzia Subscription Box, I feel like I’ve had enough boxes of them not being a lot of unique things in there and low and behold after I cancel and I get my last box, theirs a lot more in this box, So lets get too it!

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads


I really like these, I find they make my face feel so fresh after washing my face, I feel like my face has really had a deep clean even though it was just a normal wash which is great. There really easy to use as well as you don’t have to use a cotton pad as well as a product its just built into the pads already which I love. After looking them up online as they don’t state a price on the sub box slip anymore and it comes at about £12.00 for the 28 pad box, there is a bigger box which is priced at £19.20 which if you used these twice daily that would really be worth buying!



I like the bandana, I love the colour of it I think it fits really well with the box theme and the summer thats coming up. I probably won’t use this for what its intended for, just because I have a big head and things like this don’t normally suit me, which if you watched the unboxing video on marzias channel, its supposed to go around your head. It would look super cute if that sort of thing suited you but its not my cup of tea. I will still find a cute use for it though.

Marzipan Camping Mug


Ive always wanted a camping mug, I think they would look adorable if you had a cupboard full of them. I had a cup of coffee out of it and the problem that I’ve found is that you get that horrible metal taste. I changed sides of the cup and it was much better but hopefully the whole cup doesn’t end up the same all over because that will be awful as I’m sure I’m the same as everyone I hate that taste. I love the little pattern on the mug though its really cute, thing is the pattern is on the side of the mug that you have to drink from your right hand, where I drink out of my right so only I can see the picture. Its a really nice big size cup though so its great.

Wet n Wild Megagle Makeup Stick 


This is one of two blush sticks that were in the box, this one is a bit more to my skin tone I feel because I’m very very light skin toned so it makes sense that the lighter one is better for me. It blends Really well and its really smooth to blend in and is build able so if you did want it bit darker then you can easy build it to your preference. The brand is also cruelty free which is something I’m really into, I’m trying to change my products into cruelty free so having this in the box has really helped me with finding alternatives.

Comic Book 


This was a cute addition to the box, I think its a really nice little book in there and the drawings are really nicely done swell, Marzia drew them herself which makes it more personal to the box. It would be something really cute to just have out on the side for people to have a quick read which is great.

Marzipan Notepad & Forest Creatures Pencil


This is a really cute notepad, it has Marzia’s drawings that she did for the box and mainly the comic,  Its a really long notepad which is good because then you don’t need to use up so many pages on one thing. The pencil is also cute, I love that she brought back the forest creatures as I love them. I think they should of been coloured on the pencil though as It would of made it feel like more effort had gone into it apart from it being just plain and black and white.

Scent Trunk Custom Perfume

I like the smell of this perfume, I don’t know wether if I smelt it in a shop I would buy it over my normal sort of smells though, it is a very strong fruity vibe which Is a nice smell for the summer, maybe not for winter time but thats my preference. It is quite long lasting, I did reapply throughout the day but I feel like thats with most fragrences really. I would love to look more into scent trunk to see how much it is to make your own as I think this would be a really fun, cute thing to do!

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum


I loved this company the last time they were in Marzias box so I was so excited that there was another type of product from this brand, I really love this product just like I do the other one, the smell is amazing, the feel on your face is amazing, I think I’m really going to have to splerge out on the full size of all of these products just because I feel like a lot of thought has gone into them, just because they smell amazing and make my skin feel amazing!

NYX Illuminating Stick In Rose Petal Pop


Ive always wanted to dry an NYX product so when this came in the box I was really excited to try it! This one is the other one of the blushes, the difference with this one is that its also a lip stain/ lipstick as well so I feel like I will use this one as more of a lip balm as its bait too dark for my face as a blush. Its really smooth as well so its really easy to blend, I would probably try these again just in a different colour that is more like a blush for my face, just because this was is way too dark pink for my liking for an everyday wear.

I really liked this box, I have to admit the ones that I have had in the beginning are better like the Halloween box and stuff but she has gone back more towards putting unique stuff in which is great, I did have issues with getting the parcel which I will be blogging about in another post as thats not Marzia’s personal box thats ReelStyle. I did really like this box, it did end up costing me £43 which normally it costs me less but make sure you check that out in my blog post that is going to be up straight after this one! I am sad that this is my last Marzia sub box just because I have got some great things from the boxes, it has just become way to expensive for what it is for me.

Much Love





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