Glossybox : July 2017

This Is my first ever Glossybox! Im so excited to share with you my reviews of the products and the overall review of glossy box as a company. The first box is half price with it coming too £8.25 including postage. Normally it costs £13.25 which Is just bit more than birch box.

Bellapierre Cosmetics – Banana Setting Powder | RRP £25

When I read that this was called banana setting powder I thought that it was going to smell like banana, but it really doesn’t. Im not sure wether its supposed too or not but I love it either way! The fact that this is a full size product with the RRP of £25 is amazing! wether its like birch box or not where it says its a full size product and it actually isn’t, I’m not sure but this does seem like a decent full size product. I used this too set my under eye because I always struggle with my black under eyes coming through so I can never find a powder that helps with that and this one was amazing! I definitely recommend this!

Spectrum Collections – Small Fan A10 | RRP £4.99


I love this brush! Ive wanted a fan brush for ages, so when I seen this was in the glossy box I finally decided to get glossy box for a tester. I love the colours of the brush, I love spectrum brushes full stop, just because I think they have colour matches for everyone which is great because even when you want a less colourful makeup brush they have them like the white and light grey collection. This brush is perfect for highlighting and contouring! Its the perfect brush!

MONU Professional Skincare : MONUspa Soothing After Sun Lotion | RRP £19.95


Now because I live in the UK and I’ve already had my dose of British sunburn week, I haven’t been able to use this product just because its tipping It down in the UK. I just wish I had this about 6 weeks ago because I feel like this might of saved me! I will definitely test this when I forget about suncream and give a review though!

Cutebalms : Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry | RRP £5.99

The packaging for this lip balm is so cute! I really like it, the colour is lovely as well you can apply it so its subtle or you can apply it so its more bright. It isn’t very smooth on your lips though I found it quite drying, It also smells like kids makeup so applying also feels like kids makeup. It is a very cute product I just wish they product on the inside had a better smell and that the application of the product was better.

Papanga : Spiral Hairbands | RRP £4.99

These are ok, They really do help with pulling out hair, I don’t feel like a lot of hair gets wrapped around it so no hairs are left on the hair tie. They aren’t very tight either which is probably why no hair gets pulled out so that takes some getting used too as I’m used to the really tight hair ties. They are quite comfortable, like normally I lie against the wall and a hair tie is uncomfortable and I always end up having to take my hair out which with these you don’t really have too. They do also stretch out so they don’t stay as small so long which is probably because I have thick hair when it air dries. I would recommend this product if you don’t mind spending money out often for new less stretched ones.

This was my first Glossybox and it definitly won’t be the last! I love birch box and I don’t want to compare them but I have seen people on birch box’s Facebook page complaining and saying that glossy box is better so thats why I finally decided to try it. I do love both though, I can see why people say glossy box is better just because the product do seem better and the presentation of the box is a lot better. I think glossy box is going to be a great box to receive every month though and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Much Love




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