Weight Wednesday Is Back!

Ok so its officially back and I’m going to stick to it this time! no matter how busy life gets or how much I fail (hopefully not this time) I am going to keep updating this!

Ive been trying to get better again just by cutting out fizzy drinks and stuff like that, its been good somedays when its super hot and all I want is a cold drink of fizzy its so difficult! I do still have it, I have it on the weekends and one or two between the week. It might sound still bad but to me that it literally amazing because I would drink a whole 2 litre bottle everyday so to me thats an improvement! Ive gotten better on eating chocolate this week its much better I do still have some just not a lot, I’m just getting better with my lactose intolerance  because I have started eating cakes and chocolate bad  but now I’m completely off of it again really!

Exercise is decent at the moment, since Monday I have been out on a couple of walks and  done a few exercises, they do make me very tired but a little while after I do have more energy and I feel great so its worth it, Ive recently bought some of the Demi Lovato Fabletics range so I’m raring to get out tomorrow to start exercising in my new workout gear!

So at the moment I’m at 24 stone 5 pounds which is 341 pounds. My goal for next week is to loose at least 3 pounds!

Much Love



Birchbox : April 2017


This is Aprils Birchbox! I failed to upload last months as a lot was going on but I’m back to my normal routine!


This is the ‘Luseta Beauty Keratin Smooth Conditioner’ and it retails for £5. I was bit confused as to wether this product would work with it not having a shampoo companion but I figured I would just try it with my normal conditioner and It was really great. The smell of the product is really nice, it doesn’t really leave a lasting smell on your hair though which is a bummer. It did smooth out my hair really well, Ive gone through troubles with flyaway with my hair lately and this product really helped! For the price of the full size product I would definitely buy because It’s quite cheap and It was a product that would really well for me!


This is the ‘Polaar IcePure gentle scrub with arctic cream’ and the full size product retails for £23.50. This product doesn’t smell nice, well I’m not a fan, It doesn’t leave a lasting smell on the skin though so its fine. I liked this product, I don’t feel like it was amazing as it goes for in shower scrubs but as I’m a fan of the lush scrub this doesn’t even compare. Its not a heavy scrub so I don’t feel like it really does anything. It does leave the skin more moisturised but other than just putting on a moisturiser its not a product I would buy out for.


This is the ‘Manna Kadar Cosmetics High Definition Powder’ and it retails for £27. This was the special product that everyone could choose there type that they would like and I chose the high definition powder because it sounded like something I would use more than the other choice. I was angry about this product it sounds stupid but being told that something the size of your pinky is a full size product can make you a little annoyed. I couldn’t even fit my brush into the powder its that small. It doesn’t even really do anything either, it doesn’t make my skin look any better or any worse. I 100% wouldn’t buy it as its such a stupid size. It’s a product I will probably end up just throwing out.


This is the ‘Baija Paris Creme Moana In Fleur De Tiare’ and it retails for £15.90. This product is a French based company as you can tell by the name. This was my Favourite product this month, I LOVE IT! The smell from this lotion is amazing! I got a little bit on the bottle on the outside as I was using it and because I put it back into the box my whole birch box smells so nice! It rubs in so quick and doesn’t leave a horrible sticky feeling which is one reason why I hate body lotion. The smell lasts a hell of a long time as well which makes It even better as its basically a perfume at the same time. I will definitely be buying this product!


This is the ‘ModelCo Eye Define Crayon Liner’ and it retails for £11 which for a eyeliner can be seen as expensive. Its a good Eyeliner, just nothing special, it does the same as what the others do which is smudge on the bottom eyeliner when thats not were you want it to be which is one thing I was hoping wouldn’t happen with this one. I would rather just buy a cheaper one that does the same really!

This months birch box looked so pretty! I loved the box pattern so much! The products were decent it was just the powder that was very bad and thats just because of it being ‘full size’ I’ve seen a lot of complaints online about its towards birch box so hopefully they would sell another tiny product with it being full size! Other than that it was a really good box!

Much Love



Climbing Pen Y Fan!

So Iv’e climbed my first mountain!

It was very very hard!

When my partner asked me if I wanted to climb a mountain I originally said no, just purely because of my size and I’m not really amazing at walking as my family’s a sat down family, but I have been going out walking and trying to get better over these past few months in the hopes that I would feel up to doing it. I was always scared just knowing that I would struggle a lot more than everyone else that did it would.

But coming up to Easter Sunday and I’m getting ready to go on a mountain walk. Who would of thought it, the worst walker and most moaner would end up walking up a mountain.

The first bit was one of the hardest, just because it was so steep and unstable so it took a toll on the ankles! I also got out of breath A LOT! It turned out that the rain decided to completely destroy the day and tip town on us at the top of the ridge! Me being me didn’t exactly wear the most sensible clothes so I was freezing! We then decided that it was too unsafe to actually climb the top of the mountain which made me devastated, just because I was already in so much pain that knowing that I still wasn’t actually going to do it was just heart breaking. But it turned out that us trying to make our way off of the mountain would end up in us actually walking up the mountain by accident. Which was amazing because it turned out that all the pain really was worth it in the end and wasn’t wasted. Getting off the mountain was so terrifying because as you came to the bottom all you could see was a stone and nothing else because you had to climb all the way down. Which was scary but as soon as your on the flat it feels so much better!

Even after we climbed the mountain we still had to walk all the way back to the car which was a walk in its self, and when your in pain its tripled in size!

Overall I feel really proud of myself, just because I never knew I could do something like that, and its all from the help of my partner and his family. There the ones that have encouraged me to be able to do it . My partner was always there pushing me through it and holding my hand, his mum was there cheering me on and making me know I could do it. Ill always be grate full to My partner and his encouragement with getting me walking and not sitting down all the time . Hes helped me found a hobby I actually really enjoy and cant wait to do more of!

Any girl, any size can do what ever she wants. It may be a struggle to get out there and exercise but in the end its still possible. Anything is possible!

Much Love




Weight Wednesday Week 6

Ok I think its safe to say I’ve given up on my diet! Im so annoyed at myself because I thought this time I would try really hard, but in all fairness my life is so stressful at the moment that I’m just eating takeaways and chocolate to help with stress which Is a poor excuse really!

Hopefully this week I’m going to try and get back on it so I feel a lot less bloated for the mountain this Sunday coming which I was hoping I would be 2 stone lighter by then but even though I haven’t lost weight I am still fitter than I was a few months ago with the walking that I do now. Normally when my partner walked up the shop to get something I would just get him to get what ever I wanted or I just wouldn’t go. Now ill walk up even when I don’t want anything, the trouble with that is that I walk up for chocolate when I want some but I have improved on that half! Im not so lazy any more and that was one of my bad habits. So even though I’ve put on a few pounds doesn’t mean that I haven’t still improved! I’m not back up to 24 stone 8 pounds which is so disappointing! I really need to remember the reason why I want to do it again and not just cave into the stress and business and start cooking and not eating chocolate again! Seen as though I’m lactose intolerant anyway.

So hopefully next week I will see an improvement! Hopefully walking up the mountain will help shift a few pounds as well!

Lots of Love



Meditation Monday : Demi Lovato Staying Strong Book and Journal Companion.

This is a new blog post I’m starting on my blog which is Meditation Mondays! Im going to review positive and relaxing things like apps and books to see whats best for keeping me calm and relaxed!

Demi Lovato’s Staying Strong and Journal Companion 


This week for Meditation Monday I’m reviewing Demi Lovato’s Staying strong book and companion journal.

This book is one of my all time favourite books to help me keep calm. In the main book its all about daily quotes and passages to help you keep calm through out the day. Each day it gives you a goal to do for that day which I love because it gives you something to focus on in the day and takes your mind away from your troubles. This book came out just as I was trying to get over depression for the 4th time ( and I literally mean the 4th time ) and it really helped me throughout the day. It gives you quotes and writings for the whole year so even when you finish it you can always start again the next year so its a never ending book really!

When it comes to the journal, I tried writing about my feelings as thats one of the things that was suggested to me through my doctors and my sister who had previously been suffering with anxiety so having the journal companion along side it is really good. It is basically just a book with lines in but throughout the book it gives you little quotes and things to make you think and make you feel better. Even if you can’t afford this Demi Lovato journal you can always just buy a normal journal and write like that! Just writing a journal can help you so much no matter what it is your struggling with.

This is one of my fave books to read of all time and I really suggest if you struggle with depression, anxiety or just looking to be more calm in life anything like that I feel like you would enjoy this book!

Even if you not a Demi  Lovato fan I feel like you would still enjoy this book. At first I was disappointed when it came out that this was the style book she was going to come out with but I’m really glad she made the book like this and not just about herself.

Hopefully you will maybe check this book out and it can help you as much as its helped me!

Much Love




Weight Wednesday Week 2

Hello There!

This is week 2 of Weight Wednesday and it has been a difficult one!

This week i have really struggled as its been my mums birthday so that involved a lot of cake! I also had a craving for McDonalds which really didn’t help!

But somehow I still managed to loose 1 pound! Lord knows how because i have been having a little pig out this week which has made me feel really bad and bloated but its just been one of those times when you crave food. I’ve also really sucked on exercise just because of coming to and from Bristol there has literally been no time!

I have just found it very difficult this week and I don’t know how I’m going to get back on track but i need to try too just because i have been feeling just a bit better about myself and just felt a lot better in myself with not feeling sluggish and so bloated! I know I’m going to get weeks like this even multiple weeks and this is the time that i normally give up but i really just need to get back on it this week and maybe get exercising!

I have found that being on lactose free food has helped me loose some weight though! It might be that i cant eat normal chocolate which I used to have a lot of I’m not sure! It’s just really cut down on what I’ve been able to eat which is helping.

Also check out my Vlog from my Mums 60th Surprise Birthday Party! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSLZwsQNLng

But Here’s hoping to a better week!

Lots of love



Weight Wednesday Week 1

Hey There!

Welcome to my first week of weight Wednesday!

My aim for these blogs are to encourage me to loose weight and exercise! I’m hoping that i can encourage people to make this change in there life as well as in my previous weight post I was brutally honest about the effects it has on your life. I’m going to update weekly with reviews of healthy food and exercise programmes!

This first week hasn’t been too difficult, Iv’e been told I have to be on lactose free at the moment due to issues with my tummy, not going into too much detail about that for obvious reasons! So Iv’e been off chocolate due to that reason which is making it more easy to resist eating chocolate. I’ve also been stopped from having most cakes which helps but its still very difficult to resist sometimes!

I haven’t been exercising the past week as Iv’e been preparing for my mums surprise birthday meal which has taken up a lot of time but ill hopefully be able to start next week!

I have currently lost two pounds this week just from cutting out chocolate! My aim for next week is to be more strict on fizzy drinks as I’ve added those back into my diet. I always find that cutting out fizzy drinks can get me to loose quite a few pounds a week just by cutting them out!

I am feeling a little better about myself at the moment. I’m not over bloated and feeling like a bowling ball so hopefully by each week i can feel even better!

Make sure you check back next week for my next weight Wednesday!

Lots of love




Being a Plus Size Girl….

I’m a very plus size girl. I’m also getting to a point were I’m now killing myself with how ‘plus size’ I am. This blog post is going to be brutally honest about my feelings towards It and my plans for the future.

I’m at the stage in my life were things are changing, my life is becoming more active and I’m starting to plan for the future. I’m going to be honest and say I find most days a struggle. Even working is now becoming so tiring i need to lie on my bed when i get home. I’m not sure how many calories I intake in a day just purely because I’m scared to count them to be honest. Every time I go on a diet I do a normal calorie intake and its scary, very scary. But yet still somehow after a few weeks I’m back onto eating like it even though i know its slowly killing me. Ill be honest I’ve had a few scares in my life were i thought i was having a heart attack, were i thought i was nearly dying. I’ve even had a doctor turn around to me and say your going to die very soon if you don’t change your eating habits, yet i still carried on. Letting my family and people that care about me watch me self destruct everyday.

It’s difficult planning a future with someone when your not sure if your going to be alive at that point in your life. I know that the possibility’s of me trying to start a family and it failing because of my situation is very likely and that breaks my heart that i can also put that onto my partner by that happening. I’ve had my partner many times tell me that hes scared hes going to loose me one day because of what I’m doing, I get better for a few days and then I’m straight back on it. My partner and me have started going on walks because hes helping me get more active and i struggle a lot. Its very difficult to keep up and keep going when you’ve been walking for 10 mins and your exhausted, but the feeling at the end of it is amazing and you feel so much more accomplished with yourself. His family is climbing a mountain in April and iv’e been asked if i want to go. My family doesn’t believe i can do it and my friends don’t because they think it will kill me. They are probably right but I’m going to try and get myself at the best fitness i can before then so i can give it a good try!

When I was younger I never thought of how much being overweight would affect me, and that’s something that i will really hit my children with because I never want my kids to suffer the way I have. I’ve always said I didn’t want to loose weight because of the way my tummy will go but at the end of the day its better to have a loose horrible looking tummy than not be able to grow old with my partner and best friend. I get out of bed in the morning and i move like I’m 60 years old! Sometimes my mum moves better with me and shes over 40 years older than me. I go to concerts and go out for the day shopping and half way through i just want to sit down because I’m so exhausted  from it that i need a break, I can never keep up with my friends or family because most of them are the right weight and move faster than me. Which sucks because I’m always the one that’s left at the back.

I made this blog as something for me and other people to look at when they remember why there putting in all this effort to loose weight. This is what you can become. I love my life and I want to be around as long as possible. I don’t want my partner and family having to bury me in a grave because i cant put down a chocolate bar.

I’m going to post updates about my weight loss and goals as a weekly update to hope that it can encourage me to become the person i want to be and interest people in helping them find different work outs and food ideas!

Much love




Busted at the O2 Acadamy!

Hey There!

It’s been a while since I updated on the vlog because I’ve been so busy but I’m back and I’m going to be a lot more productive I promise!

Yesterday I travelled all the way to Bristol but this time to see busted! They were at the O2 academy which I feel is such a good place for a close feeling concert. I went with Katherine and Becky which was great and so much fun! The support act was Natives and they were so good! We weren’t really expecting much because we looked them up before going in and they just seemed very indie which isn’t really our type of music, but when they started playing it was great! I’m actually going to order some of there music! When busted finally come out Beckys reaction was so great to see! It was the first time she had seen them since they broke up and broke many heart those billions of years ago. So when she finally realised that It was them she was so excited!

The fans that come to a Busted concert you can tell that they were their since the beginning because of the way people react to the old music that they play. It just shows that no matter how old you are and how long its been the love of music you had for a child would never change.

Busted Is such an amazing band to play live, just because you can tell that the money you paid is put into the show. There so proud of there fans and they really make it clear that they care that everyone still goes to the concerts this many years later. There so good at performing and you can just tell that they are experienced in what they do.

O2 academy wasn’t too great as an event holder though as we went later because we were told there was O2 priority so we had the code ready and everything but when we got there it turned out that there not doing it for this specific concert. We were quite annoyed as you expect it as its the O2 academy so why would anything change.  It just didn’t seem too organised when it came to queuing and all that.

Other wise It was such an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend going to a Busted concert, Its one of the best experiences you will ever have If your a Busted fan or not Its a good concert to just let go and have fun!

I also Vlogged the whole day so If you want to check that out head over to my Youtube channel which is linked at the top of the page!

Lots of Love



Disneyland 2016

Hello! Welcome to my blog post about my disney land experience! I went to DisneyLand in september 2016 with my lovely sister for a whole week. We also vlogged each day while we were there so make sure to check them out on my Youtube channel!

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCreXOa0rYHPKALlvN67ytkw

The first day we spend travelling for most of it which was so tiring. Our plane wasn’t until 4pm so we weren’t able to go into Disney land on our first day. We stayed at the Hotel Cheyenne which was an awesome hotel because it was set out in the theme of a wild west. Our room was woody themed which I think they all are. They’ve all also just been renovated at the time so they were all fresh and new.

The second day was our first day in Disneyland which was amazing. As soon as we got into the park we got into a line for a meet and great with donald duck which my sister was absolutely wetting herself over. It was the first time katherine ( my sister ) had been to Disneyland so as a massive Disney fan that she is she was absolutely loving it which was adorable to see.  For most of the first day it was just exploring the park and planning our week and how to get the most of it. We did most of Fantasy Land of the first day as thats the most exciting part. We also went to the princess pavilion and met auoroa which was the longest waiting experience of my life. We stayed until the night to see Dreams and it was amazing. They really go all out for dreams and its worth the wait. It was one of the best yet tiring days ever!

The third day we went for a character breakfast which is so worth the money. The breakfast its self isn’t anything extra special but for the amount of characters you meet and the one on one time you get with the characters its so worth it! It also saves a lot of time because it means you dont’t have to wait in meet and greets all day unless its a different character. We spent the rest of the day in universal studios which was awesome. The best ride of all time is Hotel Tower of Terror. Literally the best experience of a ride. Its a very very long wait but its worth it in the end. The time that the staff put into making there characters the way they are is great and really adds to the experience of the ride in general.

The fourth day we spend doing the rest of disney land parts as it was more of the smaller lands to do. We did lots of meet and greets this day as well because after we got out of one meet and greet another one would just be starting so we would get quite close to the front. The other lands are much better at meet and greets because there mostly all together.

The last day we spend just doing odd things that we loved to do again or any last minute meet and greats we wanted to get in . We had an afternoon flight so we had a bonus day in Disneyland.

Overall I love Disneyland. I cant wait to be able to go back with kids and then grand kids just because I feel the experience would be different depending on who you go with. As we went just me and Katherine we were able to stand in lines without having to worry about kids moaning ( even though i would get my moan in quite a lot ) but that is the only issue with Disney land as theirs so many people theirs a lot of ques you need to wait in, but it is all worth it in the end. The rides are very large people friendly which is great as I could experience more than I expected with my sister. A lot of rides in Universal studios aren’t really larger friendly but that is because there more adult themed rides so I’m not sure. Overall the experience of Disneyland was great and I cant wait to go back!

Also make sure to check out my Vlogs on my Youtube Channel!

Lots of Love