Meditation Monday | Week 7

This week I’m focusing more on self care. I know I’ve spoken about it before but I want to share in more detail what I do to help me when my mood is a bit lower and decide to focus on my self care.

I don’t think self care Is really thought about this day and age, I think people just throw on a tv show and chill out which is part of it but to me a way of making yourself is a lot more than just to watch tv for a few hours. To some people that might be enough though so who am I to say! But maybe if we all took a bit longer on ourselves we could feel better for longer.

To start off with I take more care time on my body, I really enjoy a really good bath. I always throw in a bath bomb and lie back, sometimes I enjoy reading a book but other times I just enjoy lying there and doing a 10 min meditation or how ever long I feel. I also throw on a face mask so that my skin can clear up abit, when I get stressed I always break out in so many spots so putting on a facemark really helps. Just spending time on my skin and how my muscles feel really helps towards feeling better in myself.

I also enjoy watching some tv, not a lot but just some while I enjoy a hot cup of chocolate. I love making a big old cup of coco with whip cream and marshmallows. I recently discovered white hot chocolate and its amazing! Its like milky bar but liquidized. Ive recently been watching Game of Thrones and Sex and the city so I love snuggling up with my partner and watching a few episodes.

Ive also started drawing so that something I enjoy doing when I’m lower, even when I’m completely fine I just enjoy sitting there and drawing. I love just randomly drawing things, one of my fave things to draw is mountains and camps. I don’t know why I just really appeals to me drawing those things, its so random. I also like drawing people, I don’t draw them like normal people do but I’ve realised that people get drawing types and I know that this one is mine.

Another part of self care for me is that I like making the area around me more tidy, its silly to think that changing your environment could change your mood so much but it really helps me. I like it when its really tidy I can just see things clearer, Im not looking around for something I want because I can find it easy because I put it away properly. Its just when I have everything organised and even my diary organised I know what I’m doing and when it just makes me so calm!

Do you have anything you do for self care? Are some of these things what you do? Let me know in the comments.

Much Love




Meditation Monday | Week 6

This week has been great!

I had a job interview this week and I was very scared. After the last time I had one and my mood change I was scared that it would happen again and maybe this time I would struggle to get back up but nope! I got the job, its a job that I’ve tried to study for in school before and failed because of my mental health but now I finally have the job I’ve always wanted!

My head space has completely changed, I’ve been down in Bristol for nearly a year and its been great because I’m with my partner so I feel good but not having a job really stressed me out even when I would meditate and do some self care, life has just been stressful since leaving my job that I got the first time I came down, but I know that was for the best. I finally feel settled and ready to start my adult life, even though its scary.

I have a few weeks leading up to actually starting my job so Im going to plan out my time a lot these weeks, Im going to plan my blogs out so I can be pre prepared so I have no stress of not posting and spend some time on preparing my mind for starting a new job, I’m quite scared ill be honest because I really do want to enjoy it. I also want to spend some time exercising.  Ive been looking into yoga, I really want to start it and I have done it before and loved it! I only stopped because I got busy with work but I really want to get into it again. I want to be more flexible and be able to move around better, I feel like my body has 0 flexibility so that really needs to be worked on.

Ive been seeing around Fearne cottons book about calm. I really want to check it out as I feel like it would be a great read, it also comes with a few companion books that you can write in so I think I’m going to get that this week and focus on that next week maybe. I recently purchased a book called ‘the little bullet book’ It doesn’t have any author or anything but I got it from sainsburys it was around £5. Its a little book that has pages planned out for writing down what you need to do on certain days etc. It also has pages for goals that you want to achieve, its all different like a wheel page where you write how you want to balance out your life, with exercise and work life. It even encourages you to save money! Ive found it so great to have a book to plan out all different things for myself, even long term goals I want to achieve. I really would suggest grabbing a copy of this book if you see it!

I know my posts have been bit short these past few but I am working on creating more content!

What do you do to help you get organised? Have you tried yoga before? Did you find it fun? Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love



Meditation Monday | Week Five

So! This week has been strange in the way of my mood. It hasn’t been great. Im not depressed or anything like that I’m just angry. Angry all the time. I don’t know why all this anger has just come over me and it was really difficult to control. It was ending up in arguments with people and I kept blaming it on other people but then I realised it was actually me starting these conflicts with people.

Its so much easier finding out whats wrong and knowing what I would have to sort out rather than just having arguments and wondering why people kept arguing with me, but at the same time even finding out what was wrong it is not easy to change quickly when needed. I used to have an anger problem all the time when I was younger even before being a teenager, and when I say an anger problem I mean I big horrible ugly anger problem. Since going through treatment and getting older it got better, I do get it every now and then and sometimes worse than others. I normally notice is straight away and sort it out before it gets really bad but this time sadly I didn’t. Now I knew there was things I could do to get better, so that was what I did!

Firstly I started with not going on my phone as often, which was what my goal was for this week anyway I just needed to do it straight away and not put it off, it was great just sitting there talking to my partner and not reading any negative things or just disconnecting from the world, I was fully in the moment and didn’t think about what was going on else where. Secondly I started reading again, me and my partner realised that when I stop reading more often I start to get stressed so reading was the first thing that popped into my head when I realised my mood was bad, I just love reading and it makes me feel good just finishing a book it gives me something small to aim for which is really nice. Lastly I just needed to chill out and realise life doesn’t have to be stressful it only has to be if you make it which was what I was doing. Ever since I’ve realised that I didn’t need to be stressed life was so much clearer and I didn’t have to worry about finding a job or worrying about my views etc. Life is what you make it.

This week I have also really enjoyed drawing, I said last week I wanted to draw more as it made me happy so I did! I like my little collection of drawings, its nice to look back at them and its also nice to do them. I won’t lie I hate it when I can’t draw something right but Its nice in the end when I like the way the drawing looks and I’m proud of it. I really want to try painting! It wouldn’t give me hand cramp and it would just be fun to just paint random things, I would love to see what my mind would come out with.

So still for my aim is to start meditating again as I feel like that would help me a lot with whats going on, and also make me calmer just in general in life.

Do you get angry? How do you help your brain to stay calm?

Heres to a calmer week!

Much Love



Meditation Monday | Week Four

This week my mood has been strange. I keep getting highs and lows which I don’t know how to deal with. I have done a lot of self care this week and had baths and tried to relax more, but Ive been down since not getting that job last week and I still don’t know how to bring myself back up. Ive tried relaxing and I’m just scared about life now.

Ive noticed that I’ve been on my phone a lot, ignoring whats around me. Ive done this before when I go on my phone to much and I’ve done a phone detox and I think thats what I need again, obviously some things I do need to do online like blogging etc but when I’m with my partner I want to be off of my phone, I want to be more connected with people instead of being connected to my phone. I also think this will be great for my mental health as I can just de connect from around the world and be more focused on what I want in life.

This sounds very stupid but a way I relaxed this week was playing sims, I build 3 houses and decorated them all in one day, I know this isn’t a very spiritual way to get calm and that but I really found it so relaxing to just sit there and forget about the world and build imaginary houses, it also let me be more imaginary and release some artsy part of me.

Ive also done drawing this week, in the next week to come I really want to focus on that more and try and draw larger pictures, but at the moment I really enjoy just drawing random little mountains or camp sites, I love it and I love that I’m good at it because its given me something to do in my spare time. I always thought I was so rubbish at it but when you really take your time with it, with anything you can be better at it and thats what I’ve realised. You haven’t got to rush anything and it can be something that you are really good at if you take your time.

This week my plan is to start meditating more, and try learning how to draw better.  I also want to get focused on life again, and feel like I can do everything again. That interview was not the last of me! That is going to be my main focus this week.

What are your plans for self care this week? Have you ever sat there and built houses for 7 hours? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love



Meditation Monday | Week Three

Ill be honest, this week as been a really tough one. I had a job interview on Friday and for the two days before that I was basically studying the company and really working on my answers for some of the questions they might of asked. It ended up that I didn’t get it. I was ok about it but then it hit me that I wasn’t ok about it and I’ve basically been down ever since.

Before the job interview I was really happy and really focusing on my future and what I wanted, I had started drawing this week and I love it! I feel like I’m actually quite good at it, to other artists of course mine would be absolute rubbish but to me I really love the little drawings I have done, there unique to me and its what I want to put down on paper .I felt so calm while I was doing it. This week I went out and bought just some plain paper so I could do it some more so I can’t wait to do that more next week.

But then this interview happened. I was so stressed before even going to it that I wasn’t even going to go, I didn’t eat all morning and I was just pure stress! I tried meditating but that really didn’t help as I felt like I was waisting time even though I knew if I had tried hard enough I would of been a lot more calmer.

 Ive felt for a couple of weeks my mood getting lower and obviously not getting the job because they didn’t think I was good enough really didn’t help with bringing me up. So all weekend I’ve been trying to focus on getting better and getting on with finding a job and being calm about it. Ive been having baths and spending time relaxing, I’ve also started reading again which is so nice being in the bath and reading I can really zone out.

Its Monday now and its after the weekend and Ive hated being alone today, I went out on a walk with the dogs and that was good (apart from I forgot how cold it was) that really helped me calm down and spent some time on myself. I also spent the day just drawing and writing blogs for future posts and its helped me to calm down more, I just need to really focus on myself and my mood on life at the moment which is what I’m really going to focus even more on next week as I feel like my depression is coming back which I really don’t want!

I know this quite a short post this week but I haven’t had a very positive week and I don’t want to go too much into that I just wanted to share how my love for drawing is growing!

What do you do to relax yourself when your stressed? How do you focus your mind on whats important?

Heres to another week of trying to relax and keep calm!

Much Love



Meditation Monday | Week Two

This week I took time to think about quotes that I love, and how they make me feel about life so this Meditation Monday I decided I would write about some of those quotes!


This quote has always stuck with me throughout my teenager life. This is a quote by John Lennon. Some days when I was growing up I would spend them not really doing much, maybe going online and that and at the end of the day I would always get sad thinking that I had waisted a whole day of my life not doing anything. But then I did enjoy the time that I had spent that day. After seeing and reading this quote half way through my teenage years it really made me think. If I enjoyed the time then why should I feel bad because I hadn’t done much that day! I enjoyed that time so its not wasted and this quote has always been in my mind since the first day I read it.


I always wonder when I meet new people what they thought about me, so this quote really fits with how I feel. I never want to meet someone and come across as a horrible or miserable person and I never want to meet someone like that either. So thinking of this quote when I meet someone helps me to remember even if I’m having a bad day , just be a positive person as I could be the positive impact that person needed on that day to make themselves feel better.


I love this quote. When I was growing up in my teenage years I always wanted to be a SPX makeup artist, and I always doubted myself, but one day I looked it up online and looked to see if making that dream possible, and it was. I applied for the makeup course and I’m currently in the process of doing it. I have taken a few years to do it, but reading this quote makes me realise, it was me doubting myself that was stopping one on my dreams becoming a reality. It wasn’t anything else but just me. Dreams can always become a reality you just need to strive to make them a reality.


Im not sure wether you would count this as a quote but every time I see this I always smile. To be there is no reason why people shouldn’t be kind. Why should you not throw kindness around and make everyone else happier. If your nice to someone one day you could be what that person needs. It could be the realisation for someone else to realise they should throw kindness around. I know a lot of things have happened and are happening in the world right now but why should everyone be unhappy and give them what they want. Why should kindness not be thrown around!


Ive been doing this blog for a year now and I feel like part of me has just expected for this blog to just blow up more and have more of a bigger family on here, but I’ve realised I haven’t worked my but off to get it. I have to post more so more people see what I’m writing about. I always kind of wait around for things to happen instead of working harder to get what I would like in life. Its the same for my SPX makeup course, part of me expected to just be given a qualification, I have to work towards it not just be given it.


Ive done a few stupid things in my teenage life and I’m guessing a lot of people have, and part of me has always regretted somethings. Its the same as things that happen today and recently. I have a plaque of this up on the side because when I seen this quote I loved it. It really makes me realise that I need to learn about things, that is what life Is about you learn things and you move on to the next thing that you learn about. All that I’ve been through has always been an experience.


I always think about my past and how depressed I used to be and what I nightmare I was for my parents. This quote makes me think that I really need to not do that. Ive worked hard to be where I am today when it comes to my mental health. I have a lot more stability than what I did back then. So looking back now and thinking about back then isn’t going to help me in moving forward, its just meaning that I’m looking behind me all the time which I’m not going that way anymore. Im going forward.

These were a few of my favourite quotes, this week they have really been on my mind while I’m working towards what I’m going to be doing this year.

Have you got any quotes you love? Is there a quote that you live by daily? Are any of these quotes new to you today? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love




Meditation Monday | Week One

So this week was the last week of 2017 and it really made me reflect on what I’ve accomplished this year.

I climbed my first mountain, I’ve moved away from home, I got engaged and I started this blog! This past year has been very eventful! Ive also made big improvements when it comes to my mental health. Ive started to realise when I’m started to get down or I realise if I’m having a bad day and I do something about it, so that I work towards having a more healthy stable mind.

I won’t lie this week was a stressful one with Christmas and all so keeping my calm was on the last of my list.

This week I sat down and made a big plan of what I want to happen for this blog next year, it might change half way through the year but I really enjoyed sitting down and planning instead of waiting a few weeks and thinking crap! I haven’t wrote a blog in forever! As I’ve said in a post for meditation Mondays before I enjoy blogging and I find it so relaxing so it would make sense that I would make a plan for the next year for myself so I can really focus on it more as a hobby. Also not stress out and try and think up content last minute. I really can’t wait for the plans I have for this year!

What I also found relaxing this week was painting my nails, I grew them out so long ages ago and I loved it, I painted my nails every week and really felt like I took care of them. I started biting them off again at some point and they were horrible! They were sore and all broken off so towards the start of December I really stopped myself from biting them again and Ive found that I really enjoy painting my nails. Just sitting there and painting them having them a lovely colour is so nice! It also means I have to sit there for a while for them to dry so I can just sit back and relax!

This past month I’ve also got back in touch with an old friend. We fell out over something stupid and all of last month I’ve been thinking about getting back in touch with her. Something inside me was stopping me from doing it though because I was thinking about what other people was going to say but in the end I mentioned it to my partner and family and they just said if its something you want to do and something you’ve thought about just do it. After getting back In touch with her I feel like a missing piece is there now and I don’t have to worry about it, Im also not wracking my brain over thinking about it and just did it. It has made me feel so much better not having that in my mind wondering if I’m doing the right thing or not!

This past week my mind as been so driven. I really love it, I feel like 2018 is really going to be my year that I make it and really settle in life, I feel like everything I want to do is all planned out and ready to go and I’m just waiting for the chime on New Years night for it to start rolling and I’m so excited. I think this is the first year that at the start of it I’m super excited for things to come. I really feel like I’m ready for what ever is going to be thrown my way now which I haven’t felt like for the past few months.

Im really hoping to plan meditating into my daily routine again, I really miss it and really felt the benefits from it so I can’t wait to start training my mind again.

What has relaxed you this week? Are you looking to start meditating in 2018? Have you got an old friend you don’t know about getting in contact with? Did you enjoy Christmas time? Let me know in the comments below.

Much Love



Meditation Monday : Blogging

This Meditation Monday is about Blogging! Ever since I’ve starting blogging I’ve realised that I’m a lot more calm, just because if I want too I can write a blog most just about whats going on in life, even if I don’t post It I find it relaxing to just sit at a computer or note pad and just write about life or what ever I want. Life has become more busy which sucks as my blogging routine has been knocked out once again! But trying to get it back into my life has make me so much calmer again. I spend my days thinking what I would like to write about and what I would like to tell you guys about or show, and it so much fun. Every time I sit and write at this laptop I feel like I’m talking to a bunch of friends and it just makes me feel at home, even when my old home is far away, or that my old friends are far away. Its also a way of expressing myself to someone other than my family, friends or partner. Me and my partner spend 24/7 with each other and its amazing, just sometimes I wish I could share things with other people. So blogging has made that possible for me, it makes me feel like other people are listening to what I have to ramble on about even if it makes no sense. Even if I don’t post it I’ve still sat here and told you guys about things, things that maybe I don’t want my partner to worry about. Blogging is a great way of expressing how you feel about things, like explaining to you guys how I feel about these different products or my weight loss journey or just a life update. I find this a way to stay calm even if I feel like things are getting too much for me. Blogging is a big part of my life, and I love that I share it with you guys.

Hopefully if you haven’t started a blog or write you will read this Meditation Monday and give it a shot. I never thought I would be able to write and post things online but I love it, I love that its a way for me to be out in the world even if I can’t afford to be.

Much Love



Meditation Monday : Colouring

Colouring has become a craze for quite a while now!

I loved it when it became a thing because before that I would always buy different types of colouring because I found it relaxing, so when proper adult ones came out it was great, and to the extreme as well seen as I though I was bought a hunger games one for Christmas. Its great. They are very expensive just because they know that people will buy them which Is a shame as more people might buy them and find out how relaxing they are if they were cheaper.

I use colouring as a way to relax. Its a great thing to help with imagination and looking at what different colours you can use with which. Its so relaxing to colour just while watching tv.

I have also been given dot to dot which was just as much fun because it was like being a child again but they make it a lot more extreme so its more fun for adults.

What I’m trying to say with this blog post as well is that if it helped me calm down and be bit more relaxed it could help anyone! A lot of people say that colouring in is just for Chrildren, but why do we give it to children to do sometimes..? So they sit there and sometimes stay quiet for a while and just relax and calm down so why could that not happen with adults! Because most of the time adults are too busy being an adult to realise that its ok to just chill sometimes!

Check out colouring guys if you haven’t! You might find it will help you!

Much Love




Meditation Monday : Looking After Plants

For the past few weeks I have been looking after plants, for what I thought was looking after I was actually killing it as I found out just the other day. I had been bought two succulents for my birthday and for once I thought I would actually try to looks after them this time, turns out what I thought was looking after I was actually killing it because I overwatered them so much that the leaves went black and fell off. One of them is surviving its just being water starved for a few months. So hopefully that one will survive!

Ive just bought a new Bonsai tree today in the hopes that I can look after that one and make it a good plant!

The whole point of this blog is for me to say this, when my little succulent died I was heart broken. At that point I realised that I really do love looking after plants as they make me feel calm and focus my mind on looking after that rather than thinking about all the issues that could be happening. It sounds so silly as its just a little plant but I did feel like I killed a person that I cared for. My mum has always kept a good garden and I would help her when I was younger to plant some, I can’t wait to be older and have a really nice garden.

Just looking at a plant that you’ve looked after is so relaxing and makes you feel like your really looking after something, even if sometimes I haven’t looked after myself all that well, I’m still looking after this little plant.

So heres to my new bonsai tree! Hopefully I can think plant and not drown it this time!

Much Love