Glossybox | September 2017

This months Glossybox is here! I was really excited this month for Glossybox as I haven’t had a bad one yet! This month they didn’t do a special design on the box they just did there basic glossy box box which I haven’t had the chance to see yet, its a really cute box style […]

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Birchbox : September 2017

This months box has the pattern from Oliver Bonas! Im not a massive fan of the pattern I know you had to choose which one you wanted and I chose this one, but I wasn’t a massive fan of either of them to be honest. But its not the box that I use its the […]

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Life Update!

Hi Guys! Ive decided to make this blog post, instead of just jumping straight back into blogging again, I haven’t blogged for a while as you can see. After moving to Bristol I was unemployed for a while, that was half fun and half not fun, as you know if you’ve read a previous blog […]

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Glossybox : July 2017

This Is my first ever Glossybox! Im so excited to share with you my reviews of the products and the overall review of glossy box as a company. The first box is half price with it coming too £8.25 including postage. Normally it costs £13.25 which Is just bit more than birch box. Bellapierre Cosmetics […]

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Marzia’s Camping Box

This is sadly my last Marzia Subscription Box, I feel like I’ve had enough boxes of them not being a lot of unique things in there and low and behold after I cancel and I get my last box, theirs a lot more in this box, So lets get too it! First Aid Beauty Facial […]

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Meditation Monday : Blogging

This Meditation Monday is about Blogging! Ever since I’ve starting blogging I’ve realised that I’m a lot more calm, just because if I want too I can write a blog most just about whats going on in life, even if I don’t post It I find it relaxing to just sit at a computer or […]

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Birchbox : July 2017

This months Birchbox is a Summer Daze theme! I really love the pattern of the box! It feels so summery and just makes me want to go on holiday, which is a bummer because I don’t have one planned. This month we were all treated too 6 lovely samples to try! Origins : RitualiTea Oolong-La […]

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Meditation Monday : Colouring

Colouring has become a craze for quite a while now! I loved it when it became a thing because before that I would always buy different types of colouring because I found it relaxing, so when proper adult ones came out it was great, and to the extreme as well seen as I though I […]

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Moving Away From Home

So recently about a month ago I moved away from home. Its strange, as I always spent time at my partners parents place it felt like I was coming here to stay for a couple of weeks, but walking in after having food with my parents that night and having all of my stuff here. […]

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