Weight Wednesday | Week 7

So! Ive recently looked online and apparently the best time to weight yourself is a Wednesday… Experts have found this out some how. So I’m guessing I have my weight days on the right day.

This week I have still kept up with the weights! Im finding it so fun just because I can really feel the difference! My partners sisters kids love it when I swing them around in a bucket, I normally die half way through and my arms are normally dead but this week it was amazing because I didn’t suffer while doing it! I will admit after a little while I was in pain but it took double as long for that to happen this time. It was an amazing feeling because I could do it for longer which meant the kids had fun for longer. I hate the thought of me and my partner having kids and me not being able to do anything with them because of me getting bigger or getting lazier so it really made me realise that I need to work at this a lot more so that I could be even better because of being a lot fitter.

Ive also realised that I don’t drink, I don’t drink at all. I did start buying a 2 litre bottle of water so that it would encourage me to drink more but that didn’t help. The thing is is I go all day without drink and then at night I down loads because I’m so thirsty! Then I always end up getting up in the night because now my bladder is full unlike all day. I know that drinking 2 litres of water a day helps weight loss so much! I used to drink 2 litres a day and I lost over 6 pounds and that was without even changing my diet, that was purely just drinking more water. I do really want to get more into a routine of drinking I think it would help with my weight loss so much!

Foot is a big issue, I went to the shop the other day and when I got home I realised I had about 3 cakes and desserts to eat. Thats just ridiculous and whats even more ridiculous is that I ate each one. I go to the shop and see so many things that I fancy and I buy everyone I don’t think oh I have this one already, I think I can have one of those and one of those. Its so bad but I know that I’m doing it which is more annoying because I could stop myself if I tried hard enough. I love strawberries and things like that so I don’t know why I don’t just have that instead of a cake if I want something sweet. Im going to make that a goal for this week is that if I want something sweet, I have one not 4 or 5 cakes. My partner also stopped me from eating 2 chocolate bars the other night, I really wanted it but it was about half an hour before going to bed so its like why did I want to eat something nice when I could eat it tomorrow way more before going to bed. I need to just get used to not eating everything all at once and spreading it out more.

Im going to bring back the weight chart next week! Im really going to focus more on my food because I’m going to be working next week so this week I will loose weight! There is no doubt about that!

Much Love




Weight Wednesday | Week Six

So this week has been strange! Ive really been trying, food wise isn’t that great which ill get too in a moment, but exercise wise! I think I’m getting there. Recently I’ve got a new job so I’ve really been focusing on getting my exercise up again so that when I get into work again I’m not absolutely killed by the work.

I got my partner to get the weights out of the shed and I’ve been working on them all week. Lifting has been great, I haven’t ached afterwards which is what I have normally done. That was one of the most annoying things about working out, I would work out really good and get into the routine but then I would start to hurt which would mean it would put me off of working out again because I felt like I needed to rest my muscles but I don’t think you have to do that. I think if you work out right and not over do it and stretch out after I don’t think you end up hurting as much after. Also I think even if I hurt I should still carry on right because that means its working? I also washed the car which might not seem like a “workout” but to me it really was! Them squats really took it out of my legs and my whole entire body! I was in agony for a couple of days after with my legs, but at the same time as hurting it felt good because I knew that I had done some work on my muscles. I still don’t think I’m ready to do a workout dvd just yet, even though I do really need to before working but I’m glad I’ve finally started using my muscles that I thought had died somewhere 6 months ago.

Food wise is difficult, Ive realised when I’ve kept myself busy I don’t have a problem with food, I don’t think about it and I don’t eat it but as soon as I get bored. I eat, and I eat a lot.  Its just annoying because I can go a few hours without eating and nearly wait till the next meal but as soon as I finish what I’m doing thats it, I eat loads and then I’m not as hungry for my meal at night. I feel like as soon as I’m in work my attitude towards food will be so different, I won’t have time to snack and ill have to wait until the next meal. I can’t wait because I feel like its going to help me so much. Hopefully the next couple of weeks I can rain it in bit though just so I’m not starving at work because I’m used to having snacks at certain times.

Within the next week or so I do want to bring back actually putting in what I weight etc. I think even if I put on weight its still good to talk about it and what I need to do to change the weight gain.

This ones another shortish one but hopefully it will get longer!

Much Love



Weight Wednesday | Week Five

Im not sure about weight Wednesdays anymore, Im not getting better with the whole eating situation and my exercise Is basically non existent. I just don’t want to keep creating these posts with them not going anywhere, I really hoped this year I would be a lot better and I’m just not for some reason. The way that I’m going to do it is give a few more blogs but if it doesn’t get better I’m going to give up.

As this week I haven’t been to great I’m not going to focus on my weight. I’m going to talk about the craze that I’ve been seeing on youtube. Its a dieting trick called fasting. Fasting is where sometimes you go days without food or it could be a time frame in the day where you ban yourself from eating. Basically what it does is burns fat, our body fast at night anyway, its where the body goes without eating so it enters into ketosis. Ketosis stars when you run out of carbohydrates to burn so it burns the fat to make up for it. Basically what happens when you diet but it burns it quicker.

I watched one video on youtube where the guy didn’t eat for a whole week and lost about 10 pounds, and then all of a sudden there was a billion videos of these people ‘fasting’. To me it just looks like a way to form an eating disorder surely? I can partly understand the whole don’t eat for the certain hours of a day because that should be what its like anyway, I mean not everybody’s life revolves around food like mine does, but going for a whole week or a few days without food is surely dangerous and bad for the mental health. Every time I’ve not let myself eat for a certain amount of time I’ve binged, so it would be completely pointless.

Ill be honest it does appeal to me, but I already have issues with my feeling towards food and problems with my vitamins etc. I also just feel like its not a long term solution to a big problem of mine. I might try going a few hours without allowing myself food that would be the only possible way I would do it, just to get me out of the routine of eating most of the time. I just don’t think its good for you physically or mentally.

I know this blog post was a lot shorter than normal but I just wanted to talk about fasting and how I feel about it . My aim for the week to come is to get working out and feeling better.

What are your views on fasting? Have you tried fasting? Has it worked for you?

Much Love



Weight Wednesday | Week Four


Ive tried this week! Ive really tried, I will be honest I did have some chocolate. But normally I would eat a lot more than I normally would. Ive also eaten really well I’ve had eggs and spinach. Also when my partner had pizza I had quiche and salad. Im having very light meals like pasta and wraps so I wasn’t eating really heavy oily foods, and I’ve still put on weight.

Normally I wait until the end to say wether I’ve put on weight or not but this week I’m so annoyed I couldn’t wait because I needed to get a moan out. Ive eaten so well and I’ve still put on weight. I have also been out for walks this week, and I’ve still put on weight. This is when it happens and I just get that I’m not interested in loosing weight because when I try it ends up that nothing comes off and I get annoyed. Its really horrible to go through all the effort and it not benefit me in any way, because obviously its not helping my body because I haven’t lost any weight. Even exercising doesn’t get it off.

I have had my thyroid checked before and even recently and its all ok, nothings wrong so thats even more annoying because theres not a reason behind it. I just want to know the reason for when I try it still doesn’t come off. Its just really disheartening to really try and nothing still come off. When I see that I’ve put on weight it just makes me not want to carry on trying, this happens every time and I really don’t want to give up this time but if I keep trying and nothing happens I just can’t see the point when I could be eating really nice pizza instead and still weigh the same.

On another note, I want to talk about the walk that I went on the other day with my partner. We were sitting around not knowing what to do being all bored, and I just said lets go on a walk. My partner knows places to walk around here because of when he was younger so we walked a really nice walk and ended up at the end of it having a view of all of pill and it was so nice! We walked at night so all the lights were on and it looked amazing. It was really nice going out for a walk together instead of sitting there and watching tv, it made the time we spent together a lot better because we could talk instead of facing the tv.

I love walking and I really want to do it more!

Im not going to do a weight chart this week just purely because I’ve put on weight and I’m not sure on how to do a chart with that. Im going to still post these and then when I’ve lost weight I will post them!

Much Love




Weight Wednesday | Week Three

So this week has been tough! If you read my meditation Monday you will know that I’ve recently been for an interview and got rejected. With that in mind this week has been a nightmare for me. Ive bought healthy food, I’ve done meal plans I started off really great but then I keep going back to binging. Im going to try to be as honest as I can about my eating disorder in this post, but it is very hard for me.

If any of you guys out there have a binging eating disorder you know how tough it really can be. Ive been sat here trying to be positive and eat healthier but then the next moment ill be full on eating a whole bar of chocolate or 2 bags of crisps. All week since being rejected I’ve been binge eating, multiple times throughout the day. I feel great as I’m eating it all but then after I feel guilty because I know I’m going to have put on weight because of it. At one point in the week I decided to weight myself and I had gone up to 25 stone. At that moment my heart just sank and I felt awful. After weighing myself I said to myself today I’m not going to eat anything. Even though I hear all these stories about people starving themselves and I think how awful it is and that I would never do it, me saying to myself that I wasn’t going to eat that day didn’t faze me I didn’t think oh thats a terrible thing or anything. I just thought about how much weight I had put on and what I needed to do to get it down. Throughout that day I lasted till 4pm and got so hungry that I binged because I had starved myself. But that time I didn’t feel guilty about it because I had starved myself half the day to make it better. Which to anyone reading this, is 100% not the way!

So to say the least I have had a terrible week eating, I feel like thats what these blog posts have become and I hate it, but I feel like I should still put something out so that people can realise its ok and the first part is though and some people just really struggle. Thats why I keep posting these just in case I’m helping someone, and its also really good for me to just write about it and not keep it bottled up. I haven’t even told my partner that I tried to starve myself, I know he would go crazy especially because I’m going through treatment for my vitamin deficiency.

Ive been out walking once this week, I know its not a lot but it was great, it made me feel great and I loved being outside but I just couldn’t bring myself to exercise again. I follow this girl on instergram her instergram name is @mollypardee I think she’s from America but I’m not 100% sure on that so don’t quote me! She posts videos and pictures all the time of her exercising and doing yoga, she always seems very active and happy in life. I’m always so jealous that I’m not like that, and then I realise I can be like that. I can get up and exercise and do yoga and get loads of energy and feel fit, I just don’t have the go for it all. I don’t get up in the morning raring to go with it and I don’t know what I could do to get past that feeling. I would love to know how people get that feeling that they are going to change there body. Even though I do really badly want to.

Its official I need help.

Heres my current weight loss chart!

Starting Weight: 24 Stone 12.5 Pounds

Current Weight : 24 Stone 12 Pounds

How Much Weight Loss This Week : 0.5 Pounds

Total Weight Loss : 0.5 Pounds

Much Love



Weight Wednesday | Week Two

Well I’ve managed to keep the weight loss blogs for two weeks in a row so maybe this is a thing now!

This week I did get enough courage to weight myself, It was a big step after the new year just because of how much I had ate but I did it! It wasn’t too much of a shock as on Christmas Day I weighed myself I was 25 stone 4 pounds, which it was the evening of Christmas so that was never going to do me any favours! But when I weighed myself this week I was 24 stone 12.5 pounds. I know it could of been better as I did loose those 6 pounds before Christmas but thinking about it now I could of been that extra weight up so loosing that weight before Christmas I think really helped me. Having the weight gain over Christmas has really made me realise you could use the excuse of ‘oh its Christmas or its my birthday theres no point in loosing weight” but now I would of been an extra 12 pounds that what I am up now so it really helped me!

I have exercised a little, not too much as I don’t want to go too hard and then end up hurting myself but on the weekend me and my partner did go out for a walk, it wasn’t a short walk so it really took it out of me! I did feel way better after an hour of getting back home though as I felt like I had more energy so that was great. We recently bought a little bike thing that you can use when you sit down so I have used that a couple of times too. I’m not sure wether it really does anything massively as its not really getting my heart rate up but it is getting me more moving that what I have been. So exercise hasn’t been too bad! I know I could get a lot better so I will hopefully get better next week!

Food wise hasn’t been too bad, I have had a few binge eating moments which I’m really trying to control, instead of eating bad things while I binge I’m trying to eat healthy things like cucumber or an apple so that I am still sorting out my binge eating problem its just being more controlled with eating healthier foods when I do it. I have had chocolate over the weekend and fizzy drinks which I know is terrible but I did cut that out after the weekend was over . Ive bought a big bottle of water to help me see how much I actually drink everyday and to help encourage me to drink more water. After seeing how much I actually drink everyday its a no wonder I feel rubbish! I basically only drink a mouthful everyday so I’m really trying to improve on that as I know that does help with Weight loss!

Here is my current weight loss chart!

Starting Weight : 24 Stone 12.5 Pounds

Current Weight : 24 Stone 12.5 Pounds

How Much Weight Loss This Week : 0

Total Weight Loss: 0

So this week I didn’t gain and I didn’t loose which its bad that I didn’t loose but at least I haven’t gained!

How has your week been? Are you on a Weight loss journey? Do you have any tips for me? Leave your comments below!

Much Love



Weight Wednesday | Week One

Last year I was terrible at weight Wednesdays. This year it is one of my main focuses that this will work, and I will get healthier this year. I have organised my blog a lot more for this year so that its so much more organised and I won’t be behind with weighing in and writing up a post!

So heres to another year and really giving this ago!

This week has been though! Its just after Christmas and all the food is still around! Lets not forget New Years as well. I feel like if you loose weight over Christmas and New Years you really are a pro! There is so much good food and chocolate around the temptation is just so bad, I really did enjoy my Christmas and New Years though, food and company was great but it just didn’t help me at all when It came to weight loss.

I kept going to bed on a massively full stomach so bad that I would nearly be sick, It was really hard trying to get back into the routine of not eating chocolate through out the day and not snacking on cheese and biscuits.

Exercise was out of the question! Ive recently been diagnosed with a Vitamin D Deficiency so my body hasn’t been feeling the best, I really do want to start exercising nearly daily, even if it means just going out on a 10 min walk everyday. I would love to try out different exercise DVDS, I love divines and I think I need to invest in some more of those as I find them really fun.

I haven’t weighed myself this week just because I feel like it would really effect my mental health with seeing how much I put on. Before Christmas I did loose 6 pounds and I was going really well but then Christmas chocolate got the better of me. I was so proud of myself and I even started to feel better. I might find it in myself to weigh myself next week, I just need to bring myself to just do it.

I really hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas and New Year! Did you have a pig out at Christmas? How good was your Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

Much Love



A Little Weight Update Again…

Weight loss has always been an issue for me, I’m not going to go too much into detail about this just because I’ve spoken about this before on my blog. I keep having a bad attitude towards food. Ive realised today that I’ve eaten so much just because I’m bored. Im currently unemployed again which obviously means I’m going to get bored. But this time I literally don’t stop eating which is so bad! I have put on weight again since leaving my last Job because I don’t walk half as much as I did. Im not exercising or eating healthy and I feel like this is a recurring thing on my blog, which I’m sorry for as I know people want to see people do well but honestly. Its a struggle, I’m someone with a binge eating disorder and I’ve realised how big of a thing it is in my life. Ive just never taken notice of it before until now. One of my excuses for not wanting to loose weight is just because I don’t want the flappy skin afterwards but I’m just now realising how stupid of an excuse it is!

I feel like weight is always going to be a problem for me, its probably not the best attitude to have but I just feel like I have and always will. I know this is going to be the hardest change I have to make in my life. I think even moving away from home was easier for me, but I’m just coming to the realisation that my weight is too much now. I have to do something about it before its too late. I enjoy working out so I don’t know why I don’t do it more.

I am going to be bringing back weight Wednesdays for the 3rd time! Im not going to do it as continuing weeks just because I don’t feel the need too and then when I do have a break its not working out which week and then its not legit because it wasn’t done from week 1, so I feel like the blog posts will be better being done just as a weight Wednesday!

I am going to be starting that this week, and a blog post will be up next week for weight Wednesday!

Have you got any tips on how to stick at weight loss? Any good diet plans? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love



Weight Wednesday : Week 9

This week was finally a success!

I feel like I finally know what I have to do, to be able to do this its just moving it over into action that I do find difficult but now I do realise how much a normal diet eats in a day and how much access I was eating in comparison.

Ive used an app this week, the ‘ My Fitness Pal’ app. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of this app by now but basically its an app that counts your calories for you, you just have to type what your eating in or scan the barcode and then put the amount of grams you have and it will take off the amount of calories you’ve eaten. Sometimes it can be very scary and makes you think twice about eating something which is always good for me, makes me feel guilty which is bad but its great for me!

Food wise this week has been amazing, I did have a few snacks on the weekend but still not chocolate and still not to the extreme that I have done previously. For snacks I’ve been eating carrots and fruit, I’ve also been eating musli bars and healthy fruit bars! For a little late night snack I do eat biscuits but only rich tea and only 4/5 which is about 200 calories but I always make sure that I leave enough in the day that I have calories left over to have them. I do crave bad food when I see my partner eating them but its good to make me realise that its me eating that so much that has meant that I can’t have that little treat now.

Ive also been drinking 2 litres a day, over for most of the days which has made me pee quite a lot! (too much info I know) but other than that It has made me feel great! I feel like that is what is helping me loose weight so much, also my skin looks and feels amazing!

I haven’t exercised much this week as I’ve mainly tried to get my diet under control so I might leave exercise for another week, just depends on how I feel about it. But I did go out on a longer bike ride this weekend which was really nice, Bikes hurt thought! There not the nicest of things for comfort but it was really nice to get out on a bike ride and get some fresh air!

At the beginning of the week I weighed 24 stone 6 pounds. Now I weight 24 stone 1 pounds! So this week I have lost 5 Pounds! I am so proud of myself and it does make me realise that I can do it, it does just take time and effort in my part! So I’m well past my 3 pound goal from last week!

My goal for next week will still be to loose another 3 pounds.

Much Love



Weight Wednesday Week 8

This week has been great! To some extent, basically what me and my partner done was have weekends off for eating healthy, which at the weight that I’m at wasn’t a good idea. I kind of had this strange thought of it that I can take as long as I want but having that attitude isn’t great for me as this week I have only lost a pound so I’m at 24 stone 6 pounds.

This week I have been exercising like crazy! I done the Davina work out for cardio and actually felt great after! It was when the weather was so hot though so I was roasting! I also went swimming with my partner and some of his family. It was great, I haven’t gone swimming in so long and it was weird being back there without Kerrie who I alway used to go with when I was younger. I loved it and I hopefully will go swimming a lot more, well thats my goal too anyway. I also went on a bike ride which I haven’t done in forever, I think the last time I rode a bike was when I was in primary school so a very long time ago! I enjoyed it so much, I was really wobbly in the beginning and it was weird remembering how to ride a bike instead of driving a car. I have really enjoyed exercising this week its been really fun. Don’t get me wrong I was ache as hell and my muscles ached but it was worth it because it make me feel great after.

Eating, like I said in the beginning, I’ve had the wrong mind set towards it so my weekends were full of chocolate and fizzy drinks. This weekend coming I am going to try a different approach and see how that will help me, hopefully it will! I’m realising that this will be effort but it will be worth it, as how I’m feeling about putting on weight I don’t feel great about it so I need to do something about it and stop disappointing myself over it and actually put in more effort!

I feel like after this week I’m onto something, I’m putting in more effort when it comes to the exercise its just the food that I need to get under control a bit more. I do feel great though, I do feel like I’m a lot more energetic after exercising. Hopefully next week I will actually loose weight though! My goal is 3 pounds again!

Much Love