Weight Wednesday Week 6

Ok I think its safe to say I’ve given up on my diet! Im so annoyed at myself because I thought this time I would try really hard, but in all fairness my life is so stressful at the moment that I’m just eating takeaways and chocolate to help with stress which Is a poor […]

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Weight Wednesday Week 2

Hello There! This is week 2 of Weight Wednesday and it has been a difficult one! This week i have really struggled as its been my mums birthday so that involved a lotĀ of cake! I also had a craving for McDonalds which really didn’t help! But somehow I still managed to loose 1 pound! Lord […]

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Weight Wednesday Week 1

Hey There! Welcome to my first week of weight Wednesday! My aim for these blogs are to encourage me to loose weight and exercise! I’m hoping that i can encourage people to make this change in there life as well as in my previous weight post I was brutally honest about the effects it has […]

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