Weight Wednesday Week 6

Ok I think its safe to say I’ve given up on my diet! Im so annoyed at myself because I thought this time I would try really hard, but in all fairness my life is so stressful at the moment that I’m just eating takeaways and chocolate to help with stress which Is a poor excuse really!

Hopefully this week I’m going to try and get back on it so I feel a lot less bloated for the mountain this Sunday coming which I was hoping I would be 2 stone lighter by then but even though I haven’t lost weight I am still fitter than I was a few months ago with the walking that I do now. Normally when my partner walked up the shop to get something I would just get him to get what ever I wanted or I just wouldn’t go. Now ill walk up even when I don’t want anything, the trouble with that is that I walk up for chocolate when I want some but I have improved on that half! Im not so lazy any more and that was one of my bad habits. So even though I’ve put on a few pounds doesn’t mean that I haven’t still improved! I’m now back up to 24 stone 8 pounds which is so disappointing! I really need to remember the reason why I want to do it again and not just cave into the stress and business and start cooking and not eating chocolate again! Seen as though I’m lactose intolerant anyway.

So hopefully next week I will see an improvement! Hopefully walking up the mountain will help shift a few pounds as well!

Lots of Love




Weight Wednesday Week 2

Hello There!

This is week 2 of Weight Wednesday and it has been a difficult one!

This week i have really struggled as its been my mums birthday so that involved a lot of cake! I also had a craving for McDonalds which really didn’t help!

But somehow I still managed to loose 1 pound! Lord knows how because i have been having a little pig out this week which has made me feel really bad and bloated but its just been one of those times when you crave food. I’ve also really sucked on exercise just because of coming to and from Bristol there has literally been no time!

I have just found it very difficult this week and I don’t know how I’m going to get back on track but i need to try too just because i have been feeling just a bit better about myself and just felt a lot better in myself with not feeling sluggish and so bloated! I know I’m going to get weeks like this even multiple weeks and this is the time that i normally give up but i really just need to get back on it this week and maybe get exercising!

I have found that being on lactose free food has helped me loose some weight though! It might be that i cant eat normal chocolate which I used to have a lot of I’m not sure! It’s just really cut down on what I’ve been able to eat which is helping.

Also check out my Vlog from my Mums 60th Surprise Birthday Party! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSLZwsQNLng

But Here’s hoping to a better week!

Lots of love



Weight Wednesday Week 1

Hey There!

Welcome to my first week of weight Wednesday!

My aim for these blogs are to encourage me to loose weight and exercise! I’m hoping that i can encourage people to make this change in there life as well as in my previous weight post I was brutally honest about the effects it has on your life. I’m going to update weekly with reviews of healthy food and exercise programmes!

This first week hasn’t been too difficult, Iv’e been told I have to be on lactose free at the moment due to issues with my tummy, not going into too much detail about that for obvious reasons! So Iv’e been off chocolate due to that reason which is making it more easy to resist eating chocolate. I’ve also been stopped from having most cakes which helps but its still very difficult to resist sometimes!

I haven’t been exercising the past week as Iv’e been preparing for my mums surprise birthday meal which has taken up a lot of time but ill hopefully be able to start next week!

I have currently lost two pounds this week just from cutting out chocolate! My aim for next week is to be more strict on fizzy drinks as I’ve added those back into my diet. I always find that cutting out fizzy drinks can get me to loose quite a few pounds a week just by cutting them out!

I am feeling a little better about myself at the moment. I’m not over bloated and feeling like a bowling ball so hopefully by each week i can feel even better!

Make sure you check back next week for my next weight Wednesday!

Lots of love