Beauty Formulas Glorious Mud Facial Mask Review

This is my review of the Beauty Formulas Glorious Mud Facial Mask!

For this blog I want to try out cheaper brand products to see if there uptown standard for me. As I’m learning to save and be more careful with my money I’ve had to change my £75 face wash routine down to a £5 and its not actually that much different so I’m trying out different face masks to see if they will work just as well.

This one retails for £1 which is super super cheap! I found this one in Savers , I’m not 100% sure wether its sold else where but savers is where I found this for £1. It comes in such a good bottle because its easy to reseal and use over again which is what I like in a face mask. I like ones that last longer than one use because then when you find a good one it will last longer! Im not sure how many uses you could possibly get out of this one but I imagine its more than 5 as you don’t need to use too much.

I suffer with really bad acne prone skin so products are come and go with me. Before I used this product I had so many painfully inflamed spots! After I used this product my spots had practically almost gone which is crazy because that never happens when I use face products! For a simple £1 face product it was amazing! The smell wasn’t too bad not a special smell but just a little tinge to it which is good because when face products smell strong It makes me a little scared because I feel like there a lot of products in it, I know thats probably not the case and its all in my head but thats how my head has it!

I just have to say I will be stocking up on this product! For £1 for something that gets rid of spots basically instantly you can’t go wrong, so make sure you go and check this product out its really worth the £1!

Much Love



Weight Wednesday Week 4

Ok! I thought I had a terrible couple of weeks but it turns out I haven’t!

I had given up on eating healthy for a couple of weeks which was really annoying and I was so disappointed in myself again!

Turns out Im at 24 stone 4 pounds so it wasn’t all that bad. I have had a busy couple of weeks though so that was probably why which I will be blogging about in another post just for a little life update as so much is going on and will explain why I might be bit delayed on the blog posts for a little while.

Basically I’ve gotten in a really bad habit of not taking a lunch to work so I basically end up starving myself all week which is so terrible because then when I come home I think its ok to binge each which is a really bad way of eating food throughout the day. I also had two takeaways within the space of two days this week. Im really disappointed in myself in that sense just because I’m going back to the way of putting shit into my body again which was what I was trying to avoid. But at least I haven’t put on any weight! I haven’t lost anymore which is annoying but at least I haven’t put on! It’s probably not good for my brain thought if it turns out I haven’t put weight on from eating two MCDonald’s that soon together though so thats bit of a negative. I just don’t get time to exercise at the moment either! Im trying to go on walks as much as I can but other than that I really don’t have time between work and having a life.

My aim for this week is to make sure I’m having a breakfast and a lunch to take to work to make sure I’m not skipping out on meals and then going crazy later on when I get home and I’m hoping that, that will kick me back into normal eating again!

Im aiming to keep up with these blogs as well as I can as well!

Much Love



Life Update!

Ok so basically over the past week my life has been absolutely crazy! Its gone from leaving a job to starting a new one to moving to everything hectic!

Basically I’ve been doing this job as a side job for a few months just to earn an extra bit of money while the coop cut my hours back. Ive been then offered this new job role which was crazy and unexpected and also offering me 20 hours with 20 hours over time which was the most I’ve ever been offered for a job! The coop have just recently put me on weekends which meant that it was very difficult for me to see my partner so that has recently been a lot of stress. Thing is before I got this job offer its been in the works about me moving to Bristol and moving in with my partner and his family. So being offered this job was difficult to make the decision of to go for it or not and then theres the thing with the coop. Taking this job would literally mean that I didn’t have a day off all 7 days of the week which would be crazy. I decided to leave the coop and take this other job. While also going through the process of moving out of home for the first time and moving away from my family. Basically my life these past couple of weeks have been so crazy and a lot of difficult decisions to make. Last week I worked a 6 day week and it nearly killed me it came to the end of the week and I was in tears because I was so overwhelmed by everything thats been going on. Im still really overwhelmed to be honest. Ive gone from just being a lazy adult living at home to all these things changing in my life and it is actually scary. But its a good kind of scary.

My point to this blog post was to update you on everything thats going on so it can explain for why I might be late with blog posts this next month but I will try my hardest to work on this as I love to blog! I like being able to write about things that I’m interested about and finding new things to do with my spare time. The other reason for making this blog post was to let people know that when your going through a lot of life changes its a good thing! It makes life so much more fun and interesting. I have cried about having to make these decisions just because I’m used to someone telling me what to do but at the end of the day I need to make my own mistakes. Which is what I might do with quoting the coop but then it might be one of the best choices Iv’e made and ill tell you at the moment its one of the best ones I’ve made! I can’t wait to move to Bristol and finally start moving towards my future. Being an adult is scary, really scary but in the end everything always works out it just takes a lot of time to work for the things that you love.

Much love



Lush Products Review

Iv had been given the ‘Ray of Sunshine’ gift box for Christmas and Iv’e finally gotten round to testing them out so here is my review of the products from that box!

Sugar Scrub

This is the sugar scrub and it retails for £2.95  and It’s a scrub that has 14 ingredients that are natural and synthetic. This is a really nice product, for me I don’t feel like it goes very far but that might of been the way that I used it and left it in the bathroom which meant that it didn’t have any time to dry out until the next time. Its very easy and convenient to travel with as well which is great because some of the other lush scrubs can be in quite big packaging. I did find that it was quite hard on my sensitive skin but it didn’t leave any lasting effects it was just very rough on my sensitive skin but that was the only negative! Its also a very nice smell! I will be purchasing this again!


 Each Peach (and twos a pair)

This is the each peach and twos a pair massage bar and it retails for £5.95. I really like this product! Its really small and compact which is great for travel. Its really smooth and feels great when used and after you get out the shower it feels so great! I didn’t feel the need to moisturise which saves some time. There’s not a very strong smell to it which is sometimes nice as its not too over powering when you want a little pampering. Its a very nice small product!


The Olive Branch

This is olive branch and it retails for  £4.95 for 100g. This is one of my favourite products from the box. It smells AMAZING! It’s a very strong smell which might put people off but i really like it. Its quite runny which isn’t a problem when you use a sponge which you kind of have to do with this product just because you cant soap it up very well with just your hands as it can just run off. Its a product that you don’t have to use much of which makes it last longer which is great with a lush product when it comes to the price. The smell lasts really long on the skin as well which is great because I really like the smell I wish they made it in a spray!



This is the Sandstone soap and it retails for £3.50. I really like this product. The smell is really nice and strong which i like with a product. I used this on my face which really didn’t agree with it and really dried out my face but other than that Its a really good product. It could also be used as a very light exfoliate at first but then it smooths out so the exfoliate doesn’t last too long but seen as though its not meant for that its a good bonus. You do also get a lot for your moneys worth as well! You could also use it as just a hand soap but i really enjoy using it as a body soap.

Overall I really loved this gift box that I was given! My favourite product was the olive branch just for the smell! I think the products weren’t too expensive to buy on there own which is great as I’m on a budget at the moment! I really love lush products and hopefully be able to get some more to review for you!

Lots of Love



Weight Wednesday Week 3

This week…. This week has been the most annoying week ever! It started off with me having a baby tooth removed (a tooth that was always having to be removed, not because it was rotting) which meant that I had a whole day on soft which meant I could barely eat which was such a awful day! It happened to be the day that I was craving cookies which just isn’t good! I have had not too bad of a week for eating! I still haven’t had any chocolate which is what my sign is when I give up so thats a good sign. On Monday I went walking again with my partner which was really nice because I haven’t walked in a few weeks so it was really great! Seen as though I’m climbing a mountain in April I need to get exercising a lot more than what I am if not I’m never going to do it!

Im going to be more honest with my weight this week just so people can see how far I’ve come instead of just my pounds. At the start of this year I was 25 stone 3 pounds. Thats the heaviest I’ve ever been which made me feel awful! I started these weight Wednesdays when I was 24 stone 9 pounds and I am now currently 24 stone 4 pounds so even though this week was a little difficult its still fine! At the beginning of the week I did drop down to 24 stone 2 pounds but then the cookies got the better of me I also had a sneak takeaway but I don’t want to end up getting too stuck on loosing weight to then not enjoy myself every now and then so I’m still happy even though I haven’t really lost anything this week.

Hopefully next week I can get below that 24 stone mark! That is my goal for next week!

Much Love




Meditation Monday : Demi Lovato Staying Strong Book and Journal Companion.

This is a new blog post I’m starting on my blog which is Meditation Mondays! Im going to review positive and relaxing things like apps and books to see whats best for keeping me calm and relaxed!

Demi Lovato’s Staying Strong and Journal Companion 


This week for Meditation Monday I’m reviewing Demi Lovato’s Staying strong book and companion journal.

This book is one of my all time favourite books to help me keep calm. In the main book its all about daily quotes and passages to help you keep calm through out the day. Each day it gives you a goal to do for that day which I love because it gives you something to focus on in the day and takes your mind away from your troubles. This book came out just as I was trying to get over depression for the 4th time ( and I literally mean the 4th time ) and it really helped me throughout the day. It gives you quotes and writings for the whole year so even when you finish it you can always start again the next year so its a never ending book really!

When it comes to the journal, I tried writing about my feelings as thats one of the things that was suggested to me through my doctors and my sister who had previously been suffering with anxiety so having the journal companion along side it is really good. It is basically just a book with lines in but throughout the book it gives you little quotes and things to make you think and make you feel better. Even if you can’t afford this Demi Lovato journal you can always just buy a normal journal and write like that! Just writing a journal can help you so much no matter what it is your struggling with.

This is one of my fave books to read of all time and I really suggest if you struggle with depression, anxiety or just looking to be more calm in life anything like that I feel like you would enjoy this book!

Even if you not a Demi  Lovato fan I feel like you would still enjoy this book. At first I was disappointed when it came out that this was the style book she was going to come out with but I’m really glad she made the book like this and not just about herself.

Hopefully you will maybe check this book out and it can help you as much as its helped me!

Much Love




Weight Wednesday Week 2

Hello There!

This is week 2 of Weight Wednesday and it has been a difficult one!

This week i have really struggled as its been my mums birthday so that involved a lot of cake! I also had a craving for McDonalds which really didn’t help!

But somehow I still managed to loose 1 pound! Lord knows how because i have been having a little pig out this week which has made me feel really bad and bloated but its just been one of those times when you crave food. I’ve also really sucked on exercise just because of coming to and from Bristol there has literally been no time!

I have just found it very difficult this week and I don’t know how I’m going to get back on track but i need to try too just because i have been feeling just a bit better about myself and just felt a lot better in myself with not feeling sluggish and so bloated! I know I’m going to get weeks like this even multiple weeks and this is the time that i normally give up but i really just need to get back on it this week and maybe get exercising!

I have found that being on lactose free food has helped me loose some weight though! It might be that i cant eat normal chocolate which I used to have a lot of I’m not sure! It’s just really cut down on what I’ve been able to eat which is helping.

Also check out my Vlog from my Mums 60th Surprise Birthday Party!

But Here’s hoping to a better week!

Lots of love



Vegan Pancakes!

It’s Pancake day very soon so i thought i would share with out a completely vegan recipe for pancakes. Iv’e been trying to cut lactose out of my diet and I was really sad knowing that pancake day was just around the corner so Iv’e had to think of an alternate way to still enjoy pancake day!

So here’s my recipe for Vegan pancakes!


150g Plain Flour

2 Tablespoons of Casting sugar ( or normal sugar )

1/2  Teaspoon of baking powder

300ml Of Soya Milk or Water

1 Tablespoon of oil


Start of by sifting the flour,sugar,baking powder and salt into a large bowl then in a separate bowl whisk together the Soya milk and oil together. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour in the Soya milk and oil. Stir simply with a spoon until blended all together. Bearing in mind even though you sifted the dry ingredients lumps are still to be expected! Now your pancake mixture is ready!

Heat a lightly oiled frying pan or you can use butter ( i prefer butter because i feel it tasted better and its an easier clean up after! ) pour the mix into the frying pan to the desired size pancake. Wait for the pancake to be dry around the edges and then its ready to be flipped! Your better off making it loose underneath before trying to flip it just so it doesn’t get stuck. Cook the pancake until its brown on both sides. Repeat until all the mixture is gone! It usually makes up to 5 pancakes.

You can also add spices into the pancake mixture to give a little more of a kick like cinnamon, mixed spice you can also add frozen or fresh berry’s!

The mix can also be multiplied to make even more pancakes!

Hopefully you can now enjoy pancake day even if your a vegan or just someone suffering with lactose intolerance!

Hope you all enjoy pancake day!

Lots of love







Weight Wednesday Week 1

Hey There!

Welcome to my first week of weight Wednesday!

My aim for these blogs are to encourage me to loose weight and exercise! I’m hoping that i can encourage people to make this change in there life as well as in my previous weight post I was brutally honest about the effects it has on your life. I’m going to update weekly with reviews of healthy food and exercise programmes!

This first week hasn’t been too difficult, Iv’e been told I have to be on lactose free at the moment due to issues with my tummy, not going into too much detail about that for obvious reasons! So Iv’e been off chocolate due to that reason which is making it more easy to resist eating chocolate. I’ve also been stopped from having most cakes which helps but its still very difficult to resist sometimes!

I haven’t been exercising the past week as Iv’e been preparing for my mums surprise birthday meal which has taken up a lot of time but ill hopefully be able to start next week!

I have currently lost two pounds this week just from cutting out chocolate! My aim for next week is to be more strict on fizzy drinks as I’ve added those back into my diet. I always find that cutting out fizzy drinks can get me to loose quite a few pounds a week just by cutting them out!

I am feeling a little better about myself at the moment. I’m not over bloated and feeling like a bowling ball so hopefully by each week i can feel even better!

Make sure you check back next week for my next weight Wednesday!

Lots of love




Being a Plus Size Girl….

I’m a very plus size girl. I’m also getting to a point were I’m now killing myself with how ‘plus size’ I am. This blog post is going to be brutally honest about my feelings towards It and my plans for the future.

I’m at the stage in my life were things are changing, my life is becoming more active and I’m starting to plan for the future. I’m going to be honest and say I find most days a struggle. Even working is now becoming so tiring i need to lie on my bed when i get home. I’m not sure how many calories I intake in a day just purely because I’m scared to count them to be honest. Every time I go on a diet I do a normal calorie intake and its scary, very scary. But yet still somehow after a few weeks I’m back onto eating like it even though i know its slowly killing me. Ill be honest I’ve had a few scares in my life were i thought i was having a heart attack, were i thought i was nearly dying. I’ve even had a doctor turn around to me and say your going to die very soon if you don’t change your eating habits, yet i still carried on. Letting my family and people that care about me watch me self destruct everyday.

It’s difficult planning a future with someone when your not sure if your going to be alive at that point in your life. I know that the possibility’s of me trying to start a family and it failing because of my situation is very likely and that breaks my heart that i can also put that onto my partner by that happening. I’ve had my partner many times tell me that hes scared hes going to loose me one day because of what I’m doing, I get better for a few days and then I’m straight back on it. My partner and me have started going on walks because hes helping me get more active and i struggle a lot. Its very difficult to keep up and keep going when you’ve been walking for 10 mins and your exhausted, but the feeling at the end of it is amazing and you feel so much more accomplished with yourself. His family is climbing a mountain in April and iv’e been asked if i want to go. My family doesn’t believe i can do it and my friends don’t because they think it will kill me. They are probably right but I’m going to try and get myself at the best fitness i can before then so i can give it a good try!

When I was younger I never thought of how much being overweight would affect me, and that’s something that i will really hit my children with because I never want my kids to suffer the way I have. I’ve always said I didn’t want to loose weight because of the way my tummy will go but at the end of the day its better to have a loose horrible looking tummy than not be able to grow old with my partner and best friend. I get out of bed in the morning and i move like I’m 60 years old! Sometimes my mum moves better with me and shes over 40 years older than me. I go to concerts and go out for the day shopping and half way through i just want to sit down because I’m so exhausted  from it that i need a break, I can never keep up with my friends or family because most of them are the right weight and move faster than me. Which sucks because I’m always the one that’s left at the back.

I made this blog as something for me and other people to look at when they remember why there putting in all this effort to loose weight. This is what you can become. I love my life and I want to be around as long as possible. I don’t want my partner and family having to bury me in a grave because i cant put down a chocolate bar.

I’m going to post updates about my weight loss and goals as a weekly update to hope that it can encourage me to become the person i want to be and interest people in helping them find different work outs and food ideas!

Much love